Mandalas Provide a Way to Center and Discover Your Creativity

If you want to have some fun creating spiritual and metaphysical art, then pick up a book on Mandalas. There are many different books available from mandala coloring books, to book that offer meditation mandalas.

As a symbol of the spiritual journey, the mandala expresses our yearning for the sacred and for knowledge and experience of the infinite. By coloring mandalas, a person is brought into an experience that focuses their attention on the complex symmetry in their designs. Through a meditation on a mandala you can even come to contemplate your own divinity and spiritual center.If you want to improve your art skills, make sure you choose a book that offers detailed directions on various coloring techniques and includes informative charts explaining Chinese and Hindu color symbolism. if the book has a large collection of mandalas it will offer an irresistible invitation to enjoy a rewarding creative activity joined with a rich meditative experience.

Choose a book that you are intrigued by because it is very beautiful and includes classical mandalas like the rose window designs from the cathedrals of Europe. If the book contains pictures of Navajo sand paintings, Hindu yantras, traditional Buddhist thangka scroll designs, and motifs from illuminated Celtic manuscripts it will be a bonus.

Other forms on New Age art that are quite popular now include:

  • Spiritual Art
  • Metaphysical Art
  • Inspirational Artwork
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Goddess Paintings

Angel Drawings, and Channeled Paintings are done by intuitive artists of people’s energy fields and spirit guides. No matter what type of art you are drawn to, working with a Mandala is a great
way to center and move into a creative space for discovery of your artist within.

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