Find Out What is Really in Your Toothpaste

We use toothpaste every single day. Ideally, we use toothpaste every day, twice a day. But
most of us never think twice about what goes into our toothpaste. And maybe we should.
When you think of your toothpaste, most of us think of fluoride, a great anticavity chemical
compound. We also usually think of that characteristic minty flavor, giving us a refreshing
sensation and fresh breath after our twice-daily brushing. Past that, you’ve probably never even
considered what other ingredients are in that tube of paste.

If you’re someone who is trying to go a more natural route in your daily routine, if you want to
know more about what you put in your body, or even if you’re just a curious person, you may
find yourself wondering what exactly goes into the making of your toothpaste.

Let’s find out all of the things that go into your toothpaste, for better or worse, and which toothpaste ingredients to avoid.

What’s in a Toothpaste?

Toothpaste consists of a few different essential components to keep your pearly whites clean,
fresh, and free of cavities or plaque buildup. These are a few of the most important ones.


Yes, we are talking about that magical ingredient that most of us have heard of before. As you
have probably guessed, fluoride is essential in any toothpaste out there.

Fluoride is a mineral already existing in your teeth and is also found naturally in some natural
resources like water, air, soil, and even rocks. Most public water supplies have fluoride added to
them. Unfortunately, the fluoride in our teeth sometimes doesn’t cut it, leading to most of the
fundamental dental health troubles found at the dentist.

That’s where the additive mineral of fluoride comes in. It is scientifically proven to strengthen the
enamel of teeth and prevent the formation of those nasty cavities that we all dread. Also, it
keeps harmful bacteria at bay, preventing tooth decay and eventual loss.

Any good toothpaste will have a sodium fluoride component in it since it is the most logically
beneficial ingredient to your teeth out there. If the toothpaste you’re looking at doesn’t have
fluoride for any reason, skip it and find a better one.

Potassium Nitrate

In addition to fluoride, potassium nitrate is an essential mineral to seek out in your toothpaste.
This ingredient cuts down on that sore, sensitive feeling that you can get from your teeth,
usually caused by sensitive nerves or general sensitivity.

It gradually makes your teeth stronger, reducing that uncomfortable and even painful feeling
when you brush.

Which Ones to Avoid

Now that we know which toothpaste ingredients are helpful, let’s determine which common
elements should be avoided.


You may have heard you need to avoid these in makeups, soaps, and shampoos, and the same
goes for your toothpaste, too.

Parabens are preservatives found in beauty products that behave similarly to estrogen in your
body and can cause shocking health ramifications, including developmental hormonal issues
and, in some studies, even cancer.

You’re going to want to avoid these in your toothpaste for sure.


Alcohol is known to be very drying on your skin, and the same goes for use in your mouth, as

Adding alcohol to your toothpaste causes mouth dryness, which leads to foul-smelling breath.
Avoid this ingredient as much as you can.

There’s More

Although most of us never give a second thought to what may go into our trusty tube of
toothpaste, there are quite a few things that we may be surprised to find. Make sure you know
exactly what is in your toothpaste the next time you buy to keep yourself healthy and happy.