Find a Lawyer to Help You Through Your PTSD

Post-war trauma can have a crippling impact on the psychology of otherwise ordinary people – and while there’s no overnight solution, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t treatment options. And if your time in the service has caused you PTSD, you deserve every bit of treatment owed to you.

The VA recognizes PTSD as a valid mental condition and awards benefits for veterans and service members who display that they have PTSD and can link it directly to their time in the service. But sometimes you have to fight to get the payment that you deserve. When you want a lawyer to help you through post-war trauma, these are the qualities you need.

Someone Who Understands the Law 

We’re not just talking about the “law” in general terms. You need someone who gets how the VA’s bureaucracy is structured, what procedures are used to determine disability ratings, and what arguments will produce the most convincing results. Go with lawyers who specialize exclusively in the field of VA disability, and specifically lawyers who have years of results they can show to you.

Someone Who Understands Your Trauma

Getting monetary compensation is an imperfect solution to a sometimes debilitating issue. Having a lawyer who understands what you’re going through will make the coping process easier, but it also has practical application as well. They can better understand the resources that veterans with PTSD need. Whether that takes the form of a therapy dog, medication, or therapy, they can make sure all of your needs are accounted for when the case is made.

Someone With Testimonials to Back Up Their Story

Lawyers are good talkers. In fact, some are better at talking than they are at practicing the law. That’s why it’s important to be able to verify your lawyer’s claims. Make them step up to the plate by making their case to you, but also seek out testimonials. If there aren’t veterans willing to step up and speak on account of the firm, it might be time to be a little concerned. 

Someone Who Will Continue to Fight

Not every VA disability claim happens quickly. Sometimes multiple appeals need to be made, and sometimes there are easy paths to modest victory that won’t really provide a veteran with what they need. Then there are harder paths that are achievable but won’t be pursued by every attorney. Look for attorneys who have taken the hard fight in the past and persevered.

Someone Who Understands the Stakes in the Fight

The hard fight isn’t always the best path to victory, especially when there’s uncertainty in the future and back payments still on hold. More important than having a lawyer who knows how to fight is having someone who can understand the stakes and communicate it to you. Steer away from lawyers that promise you the moon. Instead, look to legal representation that provides you with a whole constellation of options along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

When You Need a Lawyer

Filing a claim with the VAO isn’t going to cure your PTSD overnight, but it will provide you with the tools you need to help heal safely. If the stress of the application process is too much or you find yourself dissatisfied with your claim, don’t be afraid to reach out. 

Berry Law is staffed by experienced veterans who deal exclusively in VA disability claims. They understand the VA’s policies regarding PTSD inside and out and can help you mold your evidence into a compelling claim. They won’t get paid until you get your claim.