Fighting Fatigue: Sneaky Reasons You May Be Tired All the Time

Woman Sleeping

There are many reasons why you might be feeling constantly tired or exhausted and not all of them are immediately obvious or easy to pinpoint straight away.

For example, stress can impact your health and cause a number of different reactions as your body attempts to cope with the situation.

Here is a look at some of the underlying reasons why you might be so tired, including an overview of your lifestyle and habits, whether you might have adrenal fatigue or anemia, and how to deal with sleep apnea. You might also be showing symptoms of diabetes with your fatigue.

Back to basics

If you are trying to get to the root of the problem and establish why you are regularly feeling tired and exhausted the starting point should be to take a look at how you are treating your body.

If you aim to give your body the respect it deserves, with plenty of quality sleep, a good diet, and regular exercise, it will often repay you in kindness and perform to the best of its ability most of the time.

If any of these basic components is lacking, it causes a chain-reaction with the others. A lack of sleep is hardly conducive to following a healthy diet and you are less likely to want to exercise if the first two are not on track.

Try to get back to basics and give yourself a good 7-9 hours of sleep, eat a balanced diet and commit to regular physical activity.

Your fatigue could be a sign of something else going on

If you have followed the basic recovery process and improved your sleeping, diet and exercise routine but still feel fatigued, there could be an underlying condition that you need to identify.

If you are suffering from unrelenting exhaustion and can’t seem to snap out of it, there could be several plausible explanations for your condition and the symptoms might be suggesting you have Adrenal Fatigue.

Although this condition is sometimes associated with athletes who are pushing their bodies to the limit it is also perfectly plausible that you may be showing the same common symptoms.

Feeling overwhelmingly tired and listless is one of the most common symptoms associated with this disorder, and if you still feel this way after getting the right amount of sleep and consuming food that would normally perk you up, this could be a sign that you may have adrenal fatigue.

Other common symptoms include salt cravings, an increase in allergies, weight gain and noticeable circulation issues, such as numbness in your fingers.

Seek some professional guidance if you think you have adrenal fatigue, as there are various solutions to address the problem.

Lack of restful sleep

Another potential cause of your fatigue could be sleep apnea.

This disorder occurs when your brain believes that you are not disposing of your CO2 efficiently enough and wakes you in an alarmed state. This disorder prevents you from getting enough oxygen when you are sleeping, causing you to wake regularly and interrupt your normal sleep pattern.

Sleep apnea will prevent you from getting into your REM which is the sleep that is most beneficial to your body, hence the reason you will feel so tired if you have this condition.

One fix that might work for you if you have this condition would be to use a device known as a CPAP machine, which keeps your airways open and helps to avoid your brain triggering the panic reaction that wakes you.

Iron deficiency

If you are suffering from an iron deficiency in your body this is commonly referred to as anemia.

This disorder makes the task of moving oxygen around your body harder to achieve, causing you to feel dizzy when you stand up and might even cause heart palpitations.

This is a condition that should be relatively easy to diagnose with a standard blood test to confirm if you have anemia.

Feeling thirsty and tired?

It is still actually not known exactly why diabetes causes people to feel so tired, although one potential explanation is that you are using up a lot of your body’s energy in order to cope with frequent changes in your blood sugar levels.

If you often feel thirsty and suffer from fatigue, these are two classic red flags to suggest that you should get yourself checked to see if diabetes is the reason for your constant tiredness and exhaustion.

If you have done all of the usual things to combat your tiredness but they haven’t worked, you are going to have a to dig a bit deeper for the answer to the problem.

Danielle Heath shares her thoughts on health and fitness, giving tips on feeling energized, eating healthily and fitting in exercise when you think you just don’t have the time.