Learn Feng Shui Colors and Location for Your Front Door

Feng Shui Front Door Colors and Best Location to Place the Entrance
to Your Home

Feng Shui, pronounced Fung Shway, is the art of making your space sacred, energetically balanced and vitalized.

The front entrance to your home is regarded as the mouth of your humble abode, the threshold to your inner self.
Thus, it serves as one of the most important factors in attracting positive energy.

Just as you nourish your body
with nutrients and healthy food, similarly, you must ensure your surroundings resonate with positive spiritual

The Entrance to Your Home

The amount of beneficial energy that is drawn in through your front door has the potential of affecting
the overall Feng Shui of your home. Ask yourself, “How can I bring good health, tranquility, prosperity and
abundance into my life at this moment?”

Firstly, design an entrance that is open, clear and beautiful so that positive energy can enter and circulate freely
within your home. The best location for front doors is anywhere that allows positive energy or Chi to flow freely
into the house. An entrance that emanates positive energy is an entrance that opens doors to fate and providence.
The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui supports the belief that golden opportunities enter from your front door.
Your front door can be compared to an official welcoming committee, with its promise of a better future and good

Since your front entrance is plainly visible for all to see, it helps preserve your image in public. The best location
for front doors is facing away from a tree or a lamppost as these two elements could obstruct the
free flow of positive energy into the house. Decorating and beautifying your front door will help boost your image.
However, if you don’t use your front door frequently then the door that you use the most plays an important role
in permitting spiritual energy from outside to flow into your home. Thus, if you enter through another door like
a garage or a side door, then you must concentrate on adorning it in the same way that you would embellish your
formal entrance.

Creating a First Impression

Your front door plays a big role in creating a strong impression for you and for boundless opportunities that might
come your way. It provides outsiders with an insight into your home and your private life. It can either create
an aura of abundance, pride and success or a feeling of misfortune, disarray and laziness. For instance, when you
are on a vacation and you’re searching for a good hotel, the first thing you will look for when you approach a
hotel is the landscape, building maintenance, cars in the parking area and a host of other factors. Dozens of assessments
will run through your mind instantaneously. When a hotel driveway warmly welcomes you with beautiful flowers and
trees, an exotic water fountain and a hospitable doorman, you are immediately satisfied even before you step into
the lobby area.

Similarly, the front entrance to your home must welcome your guests and all your opportunities with arms wide open.
Your front door must convey a message of happiness, beauty and comfort that will immediately put your guests at
ease. Give your guests a good number of reasons to form positive opinions about you. Create a home that is unique
and beautiful and that will leave a lasting impression.

The Front Door

What do you see when you stand outside your front door? Does your home emanate happiness and beauty? Note the maintenance
of the roof, paint and the surrounding landscapes. A home that is well maintained will always create a good first
impression and a lasting impression too. Flowers, shrubs and trees should be nurtured with care and trimmed well.
The avenue leading to your front door should be neat and tidy and easily accessible. Garbage bins and trash, weeds,
dead plants, old bicycles, bottles and newspapers should be cleared away on a regular basis.

The front door is your gateway to wealth and success, so it is advisable to paint your door with an auspicious color.
If your front door faces SE, then your Feng Shui front door color should be purple or any shade of purple or a
deep green. If it looks towards the North, then your Feng Shui front door color must be black. If it faces south,
red would be the best color to improve your fame and reputation.

Study your surroundings, your street and community and your neighbors. Positive energy must wholly surround you.
If large, ominous concrete structures are looming above your home or if highway traffic is causing noise pollution,
then you must attempt to divert this disturbing negative energy away from your home. Incomplete projects in your
backyard should not drain you off your spirit. Finish these projects so that you can arrive to a home that is filled
with peace and comfort. Step outside your home, put yourself in a third persons shoe and then judge your house.
Now ask yourself, “What kind of a person stays here”?

Protect Your Home

When practicing Feng Shui, it is important to control the speed and the type of spiritual energy entering and flowing
through your home. Only welcome healthy energy into your home. If your home is filled with power, then everything
inside will resonate with power. Half of what Feng Shui teaches mostly depends on the amount of good energy that
flows into your house through windows and doors. The other half practices suitable arrangement and placement of
space and specific stimulants that you supply to attain harmony with the environment.

Stand outside your front door and assess the different types of energy that are present there. There are certain
types of energy that you would like to invite into your home, while the others you would like to diffuse. Beneficial
energy should move freely, gently and constantly into your home, while negative energy should be minimized, repelled
and reflected away from your home. Feng Shui provides powerful solutions that help guard your home against health
problems, misfortune and neglected opportunities. Feng shui front door colors, and locating your entrance door
in a desirable spot can assist in creating positive energy.

Decorating with Feng Shui

Feng Shui shows you fast and effective ways to remove obstacles to growth and achieve greater success and prosperity.

It may seem strange to connect Feng Shui with holistic health if this idea is new to you. As you learn more about
Feng Shui direction you will understand how the proper placement of items within your home can provide the optimal
energy flow in your home, office or any other environment.

If a piece of furniture is badly placed, it can block energy flow or even stop it. If something is out of balance,
it effects the whole. This is also recognized in holistic medicine and the body. Think about how water flows. If
it cannot flow evenly, it becomes stagnant or dries up. Our bodies are the same way. We must have sufficient flow
through all parts of the body, for optimal health to occur.

Our bodies are about 75 percent water. The percentage is even higher in our blood. Flow is vital for health. Feng
Shui teaches us flow in our homes. As we create a more peaceful, flowing and energetic environment for our bodies
to live in this also helps our bodies thrive.

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