Ancient Art of Placement: Feng Shui Made Easy by William Spear

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The ancient practice or art of Feng Shui began long ago in the third century BC amongst the West Han dynasty.

During this time Feng Shui became the school of thought to express the belief that the Earth is a living entity full of energy and life. This philosophical art focuses on both the proper placement or alignment of elements in a person’s inside and outside world. This is what makes Feng Shui successful.

The book Feng Shui Made Easy: Designing Your Life with the Ancient Art of Placement (North Atlantic Books) by William Spear takes the reader on on a journey into the vast world of the Feng Shui. The book is easy follow and provides much information on the use and principle of the Bagua and working with “Feng Shui cures.”

Meet Feng Shui Expert William Spear

William Spear PictureWilliam Spear is an internationally acclaimed expert on Feng Shui. As Jan Stuart, curator at the Smithsonian in 1977 when Spears spoke there, described him,

William Spear is the ultimate Western authority on this ancient Chinese practice.

He’s also been described as ‘the feng shui man in the West.’

This eighteen chapter, 273 page soft cover book is loaded with facts, history, and real life ways to make Feng Shui a part of your world, both inside and out. For example, did you know in Feng Shui that front door colors and placement can be made more harmonious to energetically flow with your overall space?

18 Chapters of Understandable, Inspiring Feng Shui

The first chapter briefly speaks to the reader about the best way to use Feng Shui Made Easy. The next two explore a bit more about Feng Shui. This never boring or dry book takes a somewhat in depth look into what Feng Shui is really about as Spears reminds us to consider the relationships that exist in our environments, both inside and outside.

As the reader delves into the pages of Feng Shui Made Easy he discovers that Feng Shui is really teaching the concept that the earth and its peoples are all one; all united despite how modern society makes us feel. Feng Shui brings together the principles of unity and observation, the internal and external, by creating balance and peace in dwellings.

This balance and peace that are created from the art of placement result in health, wealth, and happiness for the people dwelling in these homes and offices. Behind much of the Feng Shui philosophy lies the connection we all have to energy and energy fields.

Hands On, Minds On Approach to Feng Shui

Book Cover for Feng Shui Made EasyIn Feng Shui Made Easy the title really says it all. This is a hands-on book loaded with enlightening, engaging exercises that allow the reader to really get a hands on, minds on comprehension of this ancient art led by a leading Westerner of Feng Shui experts.

William Spear talks the talk and walks the walk. He reaches out into the world expressing ways in which Feng Shui can help each and every one wiling to try this path to ‘true happiness.’ He also acts within the world expressing these same beliefs in action.

Not only has Spear been revered for his help and education in Feng Shui, he also started and runs a nonprofit group, Fortunate Blessings Foundation. In this organization, Spear helps both people as well as the environment.

This newest edition of Feng Shui Made Easy is a great addition for your library for anyone who wants a little more peace and harmony in their world.

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