Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s how to cope!

Feeling overwhelmed is a state of mind. Yes, it may well be that there is a lot going on; however, for one person that may be energising and another overwhelming. For one person just a few tasks may ‘feel’ overwhelming while another merrily juggles many. One day the same person can feel on top and the next day the same amount of responsibilities drowns them. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, what can you do about it?

Induce a thought shift

There is a direct link between a learned move and a thought shift. For each of the four suggestions below, repeat the move (also known as an anchor) and the thought shift together until they become a  habit. This new association will serve you well whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.

1. Overcome Overwhelmed

Physical move: Clasp your hands straight out in front of you and make a lazy eight shape (an 8 lying down or infinity symbol!) several times.

Brain move: You are leaving for holiday TOMORROW…what HAS to be done now and what can wait? Shake out the URGENT from the IMPORTANT. Put a 15 minute block of UN-INTERRUPTED time in your diary to clear through the things that MUST be done and be amazed at the impact you can make.Shake others' responsibilities off your shoulders

2. Conquer Overwhelmed

Physical move: Touch your right hand to your left knee and then your left hand to your right knee, do this several times.

Brain move: Remove the monkeys! As you look for the URGENT in #1: are they yours or someone else’s? If they, like a monkey, have hopped from another person’s shoulder onto yours – give them back. Better still, be aware and don’t accept them in the first place!

3. Trounce Overwhelmed

Physical move: Do the ‘Boff’ and love move! This is the move you do when exasperated (a flick away with the hands) and say ‘BOFF’ loudly (it feels good!). Then as your hands remain out and down, imagine scooping up love (like water) and bring it to your heart to give yourself love.

Brain move: Perfectness-ism! This is a wonderful trait – when appropriate! Consider when is good, good enough? Feel the weight lift off you – you do NOT have to do everything perfectly.

4. Defeat Overwhelmed

Physical move: Drum your finger tips on your scalp and uncurl your outer ear flap.

Brain move: I do not HAVE to do anything!! Have a ‘holi-moment’ (a cuppa, listen to a piece of music, etc.) Then think what do I CHOOSE to do and when? Suddenly YOU are in control, not all the stuff. There may also be some stuff that you decide NOT to do – practice saying your ‘No!’ nicely and firmly!

Please let us know how these work for you and what other ‘battles’ you may be fighting. Our aim is to make you a Resilient Warrior – knowing that you have the awareness and skills to handle any situation and be VICTORIOUS!

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