Feed your face! Natural remedies for dry skin

The skin on the face is very delicate as it is constantly exposed to atmospheric agents. As temperatures drop, wintertime can be an aggravating factor for those who have a sensitive skin making it dry, scaly or itchy. Such conditions can make people uncomfortable: after all, the face is the focus of attention while interacting with others. Often people invest on expensive products without achieving the wanted results and forgetting that some preventive measures as well as the use of natural remedies would suffice to make the skin happily moisturized and soft as silk. Read on to find out a daily skin care routine that you can easily incorporate in your day-to-day life. 

First of all, handle with care

Taking care of dry skin is of paramount importance as with the dryness the sensitivity of skin also increases. Hence, it needs to be treated with utmost care. Here are 4 suggestions for you:

  1. Avoid using soap to clean your face. Instead, you can use a cleanser specially meant for dry skin type. Do not use excessive amounts of face wash or a cleanser as that can over dry your skin, which is not something you want. While selecting a cleanser for dry skin types, it will best to skip using harsh cleansers unless you are on a mission to damage your already irritable skin.
  2. Before applying moisturiser, don’t forget to cleanse your skin properly so as to lower the chances of letting pollutants into your open skin pores.SONY DSC
  3. Keep your face far away from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can aggravate skin. You can just about apply that to any skin type. Instead, try making use of a scarf or a parasol before getting out there in sunlight.
  4. Exercise discretion in using skin care products specifically intended for dry and sensitive skin types. Be a little more selective while choosing a moisturiser as well, since it assumes great importance in the context of dry skin care.

Use natural remedies to moisturise your skin


The best way to treat dry facial skin is to use natural moisturisers like cucumber, milk cream or certain kinds of organic creams. Another way to treat your dry skin is to experiment with different kinds of organic oils and honey as nothing else can impart moisture with as much speed and efficacy. Oils, such as argan and coconut oil, can also play a key role in calming the itchiness of a dry skin. The reassuring thing is that it’s not necessary to use fancy-sounding ingredients to make your skin look hydrated; going natural is actually more effective.

There are a number of home remedies that can take away the dryness of your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. I have chosen my favourite three to share with you.

Exfoliate and moisturise with a scrub: Blend four tablespoon of olive oil and five tablespoons of brown sugar into a few drops of honey. Apply and scrub this mixture in a circular motion using light pressure. Olive oil is replete with healthy antioxidants and fatty acids, which smoothen and condition dry skin.

Apply a nourishing and exfoliating mask: Take four tablespoons of gram flour and a proportionate amount of milk cream to make a thick smooth paste. Apply this paste on your skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Then, wash it gently using lukewarm water. Milk cream helps maintain the pH level of your skin while the component of lactic acid acts as an exfoliating agent.

Use a natural moisturiser: Honey is among the best moisturising agents out there anywhere on this planet. It is loaded with humectants, antioxidant and some useful antimicrobial properties. The mere application of honey few minutes before you go in for a shower can maintain the moisture content in your skin.

Select the right moisturiser

There are so many moisturisers available in the market, that it becomes extremely difficult to choose the best among the rest. The most uncomplicated way to select a good and effective moisturiser for dry skin is by carefully checking its list of ingredients.

  1. Avoid moisturisers that are ridden with high alcohol content or all ingredients having –ohol as a suffix, which signifies a drying agent. Try to opt for moisturisers that are chemical-free and alcohol-free.
  2. Moisturisers that contain ingredients like honey, olive oil and milk can be an absolute boon for dry skin types.
  3. Use only soft and oily moisturisers. You can even try using moisturisers with softening cotton extracts during winters.

Eat the right diet

Having a moisturised skin does not depend solely on what we apply on it or the care we take. It depends also on the diet. Consuming certain foods is particularly effective hydrate skin from within. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Drink water as much as you can to hydrate your skin and help retain its natural softness and texture. Try drinking at least 3-4 litres of water on any given day. As a part of your daily routine, carry a water bottle wherever you go.watermelon
  • Include watery fruits like watermelon, orange and kiwi in your diet. All these foods are a simple but efficient way of increasing water content in your body. If possible, drink at least least one glass of freshly made fruit juice daily; doing so will add lustre to your skin.
  • Drinking Coconut water few times a week is also a good technique to reduce skin dryness.

Daily skin care routine for dry skin:

Mornings: At breakfast, don’t forget to drink a freshly made fruit juice or coconut water to ensure that your skin’s moisture level does not fall short at any point during the day. Before stepping out, don’t forget to apply a moisturiser on your skin.

Afternoons: During the lunch hour, rinse your face using fresh water and clean your skin with a cleanser. Thereafter, apply a few drops of moisturiser yet again. Include salad and plenty of watery fruits and vegetables in your lunch.

Nights: Include a seasonal fruit or green vegetable salad in your dinner. Cleanse your skin thoroughly and try to apply coconut oil or a soothing night moisturiser on your skin before going to bed.

Kate Smith is a USA based beauty blogger loves to explore on natural beauty tips and tricks.