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Fairies Realm Gifts – Fairy Rings, Bracelets and Fairy Necklaces

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What exactly is fairy jewelry? Is it simply the sterling silver or 14 karat gold pendants, earrings, or rings that
depict delicate winged creatures that are fashionable to wear?

I think not. I believe that real fairy jewelry is as meaningful to the person wearing it as it was to the fairies
who inspired it, and that the tradition of jewelry is as old as fairies themselves.

Fairy rings and fairy necklaces were enchanted baubles and tokens worn around the neck or on the hand to protect
the wearer. Sometimes it was a gift from the fairies themselves to ward off bad luck or sickness in the person receiving
it, other times it would be given to the person afflicted by mischievous fairies to ward them off. Anyone who has
ever upset the fey folk knows what I am talking about; you could get a run of bad luck as a result of irritating
them. The people who had angered the fairies went sheepishly to the wise woman of the village, who, after the proper
admonishment, gave the fairy offender an amulet to protect them.

The original ornaments that we have come to know today as fairy jewelry were the Celtic knots. Some legends suggest
that the knots engraved on silver rings and pendants had the secret paths to escape fairy lairs, or were given by
fairies to help silly humans avoid becoming lost in fairy groves and glens to begin with.

Even older, fairy rings were woven from horse hair (or if you prefer to believe, unicorn tails) and gave humans
the power to–you guessed it–fly. But as with every magic legend, the ability to fly came with a price. Too many
selfish humans made promises they had no intention of keeping (like promising to leave the unicorns alone) or abused
the gift, and so there are no fairy rings of unicorn tail left on the earth.

Fairy jewelry has made it into other legends, as well. Of course the first that comes to mind is J.R.R.Tolkien’s
works, but there are a wealth of fairy legends and myths with a piece of jewelry at the center of the tale.

But enough of that, you get the idea. Magical jewelry was first made by the fey folk and each piece has a special
meaning to the recipient. Today the memory of the mischievous and kind fairy can be worn as pretty little earrings,
fairy pendants, fairy anklets, and even kept on your key chain. Fairy jewelry is available all over the internet
and in most gift and occult shops. Instead of being a plain piece of string or a Celtic knot for which the meaning
of was only given to you, you can now buy delicate silver fairies in all shapes and sizes, and the meaning is still
the same; they are watching out for you.

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