Failure: A Message from Creativity Cards

Failure: A Message from the Creativity Cards

It is always fun to play with the Creativity Cards and see how the message relates to life on any given day.

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Today’s card is “Failure” and this is what we can learn from this card.

Failure – Understanding the Ego’s View

Splat! That’s the sound of your ego, hitting a brick wall. Ouch! OK, so cry. Pout. Rant and rave. Find someone to
blame, quickly! Or pick yourself up, check for broken dreams, and go on.

Failure is a cruel but necessary task-master, quite often utilized to bring our ego into line, and deflate balloons
of self-importance which we try to float to victory. Like a relentless coach, failure trains us for our future, challenging
us and making us strong. Any dream that is built on ego-oriented goals crumbles on impact, whereas the unquenchable
essence that is Spirit within us survives the blow with renewed determination. Many times, failure is the perfectly
natural outcome of poor or rushed preparation, half-baked or undeveloped plans, or the attempt of the ego to push
you into something that is not in your best interest at a spiritual level.

Examine the wall you just slammed into, and determine if it is built on the steps you skipped and the work you neglected
to do. If so, retrace your steps and remedy the situation. If the failure has not yet manifested, there is still
time to keep it from happening.

Another purpose failure serves is as an indicator of deliberate self-sabotage. Are you putting obstacles in your
own way, out of an underlying sense of unworthiness or low self-esteem? Seek out the answer and act immediately,
to bolster your sense of worth and worthiness, with regard to your goal. Examine your ego’s stake in this and ask
yourself if your motives are shallow or selfish. There is no avoiding the black wall of failure. Even if you chose
to do nothing at all, the wall would persist and eventually encase you, making it impossible to move in any direction.
So, get up. There will be the day when you smash through the wall, leaving around you the debris of all your past
failures, as so much dust to be swept away. In this, take courage.

If you have come to the reading with a specific question about an upcoming business venture or relationship, the
FAILURE card indicates that either the venture or relationship is not going to work or that something stands in the
way of success right now. Best to wait a while, on signing contracts or forcing confrontations.