Healing Chronic Bruising and Learn Causes of Spider Veins and Herbal Formulas to Diminish Them

Healing Bruising with Natural Herbal Therapies

Bruises form from breakages of small blood vessels in the skin. Blood leaks out of the damaged vessels, leaving
red dots or bluish marks that eventually fade over time. Learn tips for healing bruising.

For some people, bruises develop more easily and it takes longer for them to heal than others. It is normal for
bruises to develop from a hard blow to the body; however, chronic bruising may indicate a serious problem with blood-clotting. Such
a problem can be determined through specific blood tests.

Bruises respond well to natural therapies and proper dietary intake. Nutritional supplements and topically-applied
herbal salves can speed recovery time and help the bruise fade quickly. With proper diet, exercise, optimum nutrient
intake, including natural remedies, this condition can be controlled to help prevent dangerous complications.

Spider veins are often caused from circulation issues or appear when there is a consistent backup of
blood due to sun exposure, hormonal changes, and even a response to inherited factors. Horse Chestnut is a natural herb that helps increase circulation in the legs to improve spider veins. There are also other herbs that help to reduce varicose and spider veins including geranium, lemon, and other essential oils.

Herbs to Heal Simple and Chronic Bruises: Arnica, MeadowSweet, Comfrey

There are some excellent natural plant based ingredients that help heal both bruises and trauma after an injury or surgery. Combined with Arnica and other helpful ingredients you can naturally address the pain and discomfort.

Real Heal Helps:

  • After Cosmetic Surgery (or other types of surgery)
  • After Caesarean or Natural Childbirth
  • After Trauma or Physical Injury
  • Or Use For faster healing To Aid in the Disappearance of Bruising

You may also use a a cream formula containing Arnica Montana along with Real Heal Homeopathic formula. Arnica Creams are easy to apply and will help to reduce both capillary redness
and disperse the bruising. A natural cream can enhance the healing process and is also quite safe and effective.

There are also herbal remedies that may help spider veins disappear. One we like is Nature’s Inventory, Varicose Veins Wellness Oil. It contains blend of cypress, lemon, geranium.