Evelyn Lozada from basketball wife to fitness expert

Evelyn Lozada who is now single after her marriage to  has ended, is apparently making plans to start a lucrative career as a fitness expert. There are rumors that the former NFL star may have agreed to a major endorsement deal which will no doubt be of significant support. It is said that Evelyn also will be endorsing a the youthH20 caffiene free energy shot. This might not mean that the Chad and Ev show will be abandoned by her but probably that a more varied approach could be on the cards.


Given the demand for fitness training, there are those especially in the US, UK and Brazil who has lucrative careers as personal trainers. One of the key trends for 2013 will also be group personal training, a concept which will slash the cost of personal training, potentially bringing more business for trainers but also more frequent and affordable classes for participants.


As far as celebrity personal training is concerned: There is also a gym in London SOHO which has hiked it’s fees and became frequented by those paying high fees only because Madonna has visited the facility. Readers are reminded that when it get’s to fitness: There are thousands of affordable providers who can help us achieve our goals – paying extra for the words “celebrity trainer” is indeed voluntarily and of little value. Additional spending could rather be used wisely in other areas: besides starting off with the guidance of a good trainer, it is also useful to design a bespoke nutrition plan as fitness training and nutrition are elements that goes hand in hand.


Healthynewage recently commenced with a new fitness section focussing on gyms, fitness centers and also yoga and pilates directories, helping readers to locate their nearest facility.