Hypnosis for Better Sex: Awaken the Desire and Pleasure That Lives Within You

Spice Up Your Love Life – Learn Seven Things You
Can Do To to Create Deeper Intimacy

Looking to Improve Your Sex Life?

Find many great resources to improve intimacy and passion.

From excellent hypnosis resources and other unique books to guide you in brining more satisfaction into your
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Seven Things You Can Do To Improve Your Sex Life

1. Go dancing. Whether you go by yourself or with a partner, whether you dance well or not, dancing is an appealing trait. It’s also an easy way to meet people. Dancing also builds confidence which is extremely important
to build a healthy intimiate relationships.

2. Work Out. Working out helps create a sexy body. It gives you the energy and stamina. It gives you flexibility to get into some of those positions you’ve often wondered about.
You feel better about yourself when you work out causing you to be able to get in the mood more often. Couples
working out together can create a tighter bond in their relationship. Working out also boosts your self-esteem
which is a critical component to having a good sex life.

3. Music. There are all types of music and ways that it can help in the love department. Just the rhythm of music can synchronize your internal physiological state and cause you
to be in perfect timing with each other. Music can get you in the mood, particularly some music like that of Sade or Marvin
Gaye. Very tranquil music can also create an atmosphere of peace and calm which can be a nice setting for
intimacy. Additionally the words within some songs trigger emotions and feelings of sensuality.

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4. Watching a Porno. For those that are more visual, which over 50% of the world are, porno videos can stimulate
your desire. It can also provide you with ideas to do together with your partner. Watching a porno
together can help you to open up the lines of communication about what you like and don’t like.

5. Learn various ways to give yourself an orgasm. In most cases, until you learn how to do it yourself, no
one else can do it for you. Sometimes there are a variety of ways to stimulate yourself. It
helps to know what feels good first before trying to show somebody else or much less explain it to them.

Then, teach your partner how to help you achieve an orgasm. Before delving straight into the act, one of the best
and easiest ways to develop intimacy and mutual pleasure is to show your partner those various ways you like
to be touched and then the two of you can feel deeply connected and bonded through the experience.

6. Communicate. Challenge yourself to give very specific requests to your partner of what you enjoy.
Use only verbal instructions, without showing them or touching them. Don’t ever give up. This is a great
exercise to learn to see the results of what you are communicating and feel good about your body.

7. Play games. If you want to lighten things up a bit or bring about a little variety to your sex life, play
a sex game. There are plenty of games you can buy at game stores or online that will stimulate anyone’s fancy.
They can be fun and arousing.

They are designed to break up any nervous tension you might have about trying new things. You can also play
other “regular” games like monopoly or poker with a spin. Be creative.

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