The Benefits of Digestive Enzymes and Their Structure, Symptoms of Enzyme Deficiency

Holistic Health Solutions – The Importance of Digestive Enzymes and
Symptoms of Enzyme Deficiency

Learn about the structure of enzymes and various types of digestive system enzymes and how they work.

Learn of situations and health conditions where the nutritional support provided by a potent enzyme formulation
may be of great benefit.

Did you know that even if eating healthy you may not be getting the nutrients you eat into your bloodstream? So
you need to not only eat healthy but also make sure your body has enough digestive enzymes to ensure that the
nutrients you ingest are able to travel into your bloodstream, cells, and various organs.

Otherwise, you just aren’t receiving all the nutrition that a
healthy diet can provide. You want to ensure that the nutrients are assimulated into you system, particularly
your immune system to keep your body strong and healthy.

  • Weight Control or High Cholesterol: LypoZyme
  • If over 20 lbs. overweight: add BalanceZyme Plus
  • Herpes and cold sores: Plantadophilus
  • Cancer or Candida: PureZyme
  • Constipation: ReleaseZyme
  • Chronic Indigestion: DigestZyme
  • Heartburn and Gout: GastroZyme

Structure of Enzymes at a Glance – Quick-Find Information

Calmzyme: Hypertension, nervousness, anxiety, nervous disorders, insomnia, headache, migraines,
hysteria, hyperactivity, nightmares, stress.

Digestzyme: Improve digestion, food allergies, gallbladder stress, eczema, cystitis,
breast lumps, arthritis, psoriasis, sinus, colds, alcohol consumption (with PureZyme).

Releasezyme: Constipation, toxic/food poisoning, cholesterol, triglycerides, parasites,

Gastrozyme: Hiatal hernias, gastritis, gastric, duodenal ulcers, heartburn, gout, gallbladder,
diarrhea, diverticulosis, Crohn’s Disease, colitis, back pain, canker sores, mucous congestion, unexplained blood
in urine Back Pain.

Lypozyme and BalanceZyme : Improve digestion, arterial plaque, fatty acid balance, obesity,
cholestrol, diabetes.

Plantadophilus: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Ebstein Barr Virus, candida, PMS, colds, flu,
diarrhea, constipation, lactose intolerance, herpes.

Purezyme: Skin eruptions, hepatitis, purify blood, osteoporosis, aching joints, fungal
infestations, candidiasis, acute inflammation, parasites, infections, kidney, absesses, diuretis, hypoglycemia.

OxiCellZyme: Indigestion, eating disorders, stress, mal-absorption, lack of energy, food
allergies, nutritional disorders, lack of endurance.

Can you eat to improve your chances of a long and healthy life? Yes, you can.

At a time when we seem to be overwhelmed
by conflicting diet and health messages, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Heart, Lung, and
Blood Institute (NHLBI) have some good news:

By making the right food choices, you may reduce your risk of developing
cardiovascular disease and cancer by allowing the structure of enzymes to support your body’s health.