Donna Eden’s DVD Series Teaches Essential Energy Medicine Techniques

The best-selling book on energy healing, Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality, was recently celebrated with its 10th anniversary edition.

Authors Donna Eden and David Feinstein put together an educational DVD, Energy Medicine: Essential Techniques, to complement their critically-acclaimed self-help manual.

Benefits of energy medicine healing are gaining great momentum in both Western and Eastern cultures. Researchers and scientists have documented thousands of case studies offering evidence of the power of healing using both energy techniques and consciousness technologies to improve health.

It is generally accepted by holistic and most clinical health care practitioners that by learning these self-care techniques an individual may greatly enhances even traditional approaches to wellness.

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Essential Techniques of Energy Medicine

Donna Eden's Energy Medicine: Essential Techniques DVDEnergy Medicine: Essential Techniques (Innersource) is a three DVD set depicting over six hours of healing techniques based on the complementary medicine of energy healing.

This video instruction stands alone as an educational tool for those wanting to discover the benefits of energy healing, or acts as an invaluable complement to the award-winning manual, Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality (Tarcher) by Donna Eden and David Feinstein.

Essential Techniques depicts the self-care energy medicine techniques described in Eden’s book, with Eden herself demonstrating. The areas of energy medicine discussed in the videos include:

  • testing one’s energy systems;
  • learning neurolymphatic reflex points, neurovascular points, and alarm points;
  • discovering auras, chakras, and five rhythms;
  • in-depth discussions of the meridians; and
  • discovering energy crossovers.

Eden used the techniques shared in her book and the DVD to heal herself from some life threatening and debilitating diseases.

Benefits of Energy Healing

One of the largest benefits of energy medicine healing is its focus on healing the entire person, rather than focusing solely on individual symptoms. This holistic treatment approach ensures a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs are addressed, and contribute to an over-all state of well being.

Energy medicine addresses a vast number of both physical and mental conditions, including chronic fatigue, common pain conditions (migraines, back, shoulder, and neck), immune and digestive disorders, depression, stress, and a variety of addictions.

A person’s well-being is also dependent on his or her abilities to cope with life’s traumas, learning how to manifest joy and purpose, and finding spiritual fulfillment. Energy medicine techniques assist people with connecting with their inner selves.

Guidance from Accomplished Energy Healers

Donna EdenEden has worked as a healer, teacher, author, and speaker for over three decades. As a clairvoyant capable of detecting the energy forces of people, she has lead thousands to discover the healing capabilities that can be achieved when in tune with one’s energy systems.

Feinstein, a clinical psychologist, founded Inner Source with Eden, an organization that promotes education and research in the fields of energy medicine, energy psychology, and consciousness studies.

The instructions in Essential Techniques are well-delivered and concise, offering viewers accurate demonstrations of the self-care exercises. Eden portrays a well thought out format that clearly conveys the various energy medicine techniques.

Viewers’ expectations will be exceeded by the vast knowledge and explanations given by Eden in this DVD set. Further reinforcement in understanding the field of energy medicine can be achieved through the book Energy Medicine.

Eden’s positive and uplifting nature extends such a genuine quality to her instruction, that viewers will come away feeling better just by watching the DVDs.


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