Energy Medicine Healing: 10th Anniversary Edition of Best-Selling Manual

Eden's Energy Medicine

Donna Eden and David Feinstein shared their in-depth knowledge of energy medicine research and healing in the very popular book Energy Medicine.

For over a decade, this best-selling book has been referred to endlessly by people both in the energy medicine field and clinical medical professions.

The 10th anniversary edition offers the latest updates in the field of energy medicine, as well as an entirely new section relevant to many people’s contemporary holistic health care concerns.

Energy Medicine Healers

Clairvoyant Donna EdenAs a world renowned energy healer and trainer, Donna Eden has helped thousands of people understand energy medicine and the body’s energy systems.

Eden is an accomplished clairvoyant with precise abilities to see the body’s energy fields. Passionate for her work as a healer, teacher, author, and speaker, Eden strives to empower people with the knowledge of energy systems.

Clinical psychologist David Feinstein is an accomplished teacher and award winning author in the fields of mental health. Feinstein and Eden founded Inner Source, an organization devoted to the fields of energy medicine, energy psychology, and consciousness studies.

Achieving Optimum Health with Energy Medicine

Eden and Feinstein are the authors of the largely successful best selling book, Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality (10th Anniversary Edition) (published by Tarcher). This book is an ultimate guide to the field of energy medicine. In it, Eden and Feinstein explain to readers how the body’s energy systems can improve our vitality and endurance, improve our immune systems, help with pain management, and reinvigorate overall health.

In 2008, Energy Medicine was awarded the National “Best Books” Book Award from USA Book News in the self-help category. Energy Medicine was awarded the 2009 Nautilus Gold Award in the health category.

10th Anniversary Edition

This unique holistic health book’s tenth anniversary edition includes a forward by fellow energy medicine writer, Caroline Myss, and a new introduction by Eden herself. An additional section has been included that focuses on energy techniques designed for body restoration following surgery and other intense medical procedures, including chemotherapy. Eden also discusses useful techniques to help alleviate any side effects from medications or treatments, such as radiation.

Energy Medicine is an easy-to-read manual containing useful discussions that benefit everyone. For example, Eden explains to readers how to recognize energy imbalances and how to perform exercises to clean and restore these energies. Her advice also includes incorporating energy medicine into other health approaches, as it is a wonderful complementary therapy.

The book is illustrated clearly with many easy to understand diagrams—from acupuncture points to the energy meridians. Readers will appreciate the correspondence between Eden’s informative exercises and the visual aids.

Self-Help Exercises

Eden's Energy Medicine BookThroughout the pages of this informative self-help guide are updates that have taken place in the field of energy medicine since the book was first released. Frequently described as “the must-have book in energy medicine,” there are dozens of useful exercises the reader can incorporate into his or hers own care, including:

  • cleaning chakras;
  • flushing the meridians;
  • eliminating toxic energies; and
  • balancing emotions.

Common conditions can easily be treated at home with Eden’s guidance. There are exercises designed to effectively relieve pain from arthritis, migraine and headache relief, and neck/shoulder/back pain. Eden explains how to release the physical tension of stress, combat anxiety and nervousness, and increase feelings of joy and happiness.

Energy Medicine also contains self-therapy guides on prevention of illness or sickness, how to eat smarter, and tips on boosting mental alertness and clarity.

Watch Donna Demonstrate Energy Healing

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