Raw Emotions eBook Transforms Dieting and Emotional Eating Habits

Many people try to change their diets in an attempt to alter their physical bodies.

Few mainstream eating plans take the emotional body into account when providing guidance for dieters.

However, Angel Stokes explores the emotional transformation accompanying a raw food diet in her eBook “Raw Emotions.”

She is becoming an expert in the area of raw food dieting and physical transformation.

Angela Stokes’ story as reported by CNN is quite Amazing (watch video at end of this article.)

Mainstream Diets Neglect the Emotional Body

As many dieters know, altering eating habits oftentimes allows for weight loss. However, keeping the weight off usually proves to be much more difficult, causing unhealthy yo-yo patterns of dropping and gaining weight.

In order to have a complete physical transformation, Stokes asks readers to look at their emotional attachments to food. She dives deeper than the average diet plan, encouraging readers to examine the reasons they eat, as well as their food choices. According to Stokes, to change the body one must look to the control panel behind the physical form; the brain.

After readers have inspected their personal food-related motivations and emotional eating patterns, they can begin their journey into the world of the advantages of organic and raw foods. As Stokes explains, raw foods are the most nourishing for our body and soul. However, as we alter our diets to exclude processed and artificial foods, we ignite a process of detoxification.

Stokes Helps Readers Through Detox Challenges

Raw Emotions Ebook CoverAs our bodies detox, we release areas of accumulated physical matter that we measure in pounds. However, detoxification occurs on a deeper level as well. As we shed the pounds, we begin to uncover thoughts and feelings that have been buried away under the consumed food. In order to maintain a transformative diet plan, we must not neglect these emotions. Instead, we must face them head on in order to remove their burden from our bodies and minds. This emotional release can be difficult, especially for the unprepared.

Stokes provides readers with explanations, as well as invaluable support through this challenging process. She combines theories from psychology, philosophy, natural living, and self-help methods to put the transformation into better perspective for the readers. As a result, readers are better equipped to work through the course of altering their eating habits and lifestyles so they are more inclined to maintain their new-found health and happiness.

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Personal Experience Fuels “Raw Emotion”

Angela Stokes TransformationStokes writes “Raw Emotions” from a very personal place. At one point in time she faced her own weight struggles, but eventually overcame her emotional eating habits, eating triggers, and food issues.

Today she lives a healthy and raw lifestyle. Her experienced take on the subjects of weight loss and body transformation encourage readers to move ahead in their own emotional and physical transformative endeavors.

Additionally, she includes further resources for raw living, including books, activities, and recipes, to help others succeed with a raw food and healthy lifestyle.

“Raw Emotions” offers readers so much more than the average diet guide, or study of emotional eating triggers and habits. Instead of focusing on one or the other, Stokes successfully merges a healthy mind with a healthy body.

Stokes’ inspirational energy is contagious. Readers are left with enthusiasm and hope for their own shifts toward healthier lifestyles.


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