Discussion on Harmful Effects of Electromagneticfields and EMF Devices for Cellphones

Do Electromagnetic Fields
(EMF) Affect Your Health?

Due to lack of conclusive evidence on EMF radiations and its effect on the human body, people are often confused
when it comes to using a radiation limitation device such as an EMF protection cell phone, EMF protection screen,
EMF protection pouch and many others.

With new research work being published almost every other month, the confusion
surrounding electromagneticfields and emf protection devices has increased even more in recent years.

Most of these
publications contradict each other, as none of them can conclusively prove that EMF has an adverse affect on
the human body. However, people need to understand that such research work is limited by the currently available
technology. Reports may or may not be indicative of the actual effects that EMF has on the human body.

Most people associate harmful radiation with EMF devices such as mobile phones, base stations, broadcast towers,
and electrical and electronic products. They are often not aware that EMFf also forms a part of the natural environment
and is emitted by varied sources such as the sun, the earth and the ionosphere. The only difference between EMF emitted
by natural sources and EMF devices is the intensity or frequency of the radiation waves, which ranges from 3 kilohertz
(kHz) to 300 gigahertz (GHz). The intensity of radiation generated by electromagnetic devices is often too low to
affect the human tissues, but its effects on other delicate parts of the body such as the human brain are still to
be ascertained.

The effect that high intensity EMF radiation has on human tissues has already been proved, but the effect of low
intensity EMF radiation as that emitted by electrical and electronic (E&E) devices are still being debated. It
has been conclusively proved that EMF at higher frequencies heats up the human tissues and results in permanent damage
to the basic cell structure. The human ‘double helix DNA sequences’ also get damaged when the human body
is exposed to high intensity EMF radiation. In comparison, low intensity EMF radiation emitted by E&E devices
may not affect the human tissues or the DNA sequences in the short-term. However, the effects of long-term exposure
to the low intensity type of radiation are neither documented nor proven.

Some researchers use the logic that something
that is harmful in high doses will also be harmful in small doses taken for an extended duration. This logic may
or may not apply to EMF radiation, as it is very different from chemical or biological substances. The lack of
conclusive evidence is the main reason why health experts suggest precautionary measures and often recommend limiting
the use of cell phones and using EMF shielding devices wherever possible.

It is said that precaution is always better than cure and even the World Health Organization (WHO) supports this
view. The WHO has advised people to take precautionary measures as part of overall risk management plan even though
it has not been conclusively proven that electromagnetic radiation has an adverse effect on the human body. Precautionary
measures may involve using emf protection devices such as emf protection cell phone or any other product that blocks
the radiation.