What Does Embrace, Release, Heal Have to Do With Cancer?

Leigh Fortson Picture

Embrace, Release, Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking About, Thinking About, and Treating Cancer (Sounds True) is a newly released book by Leigh Fortson.

With one in three people facing a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, cancer now touches just about everyone in the world.

Has it touched your life? Embrace, Release, Heal is a candid, real-life look at cancer and its impact on Fortson’s life, as well as the lives of twelve others.

A Different Approach

Leigh Fortson PictureEmbrace, Release, Heal takes a different kind of approach in looking at cancer. Rather than the traditional Western perspective, this book deals with the why and how of cancers. Fortson says that attempting to define the why and how of cancer will lead to the ability to prevent cancer.

Fortson herself was an avid health enthusiast engaging in a healthy lifestyle that included a wholesome diet, healthy lifestyle habits, and alternative medicine practices. Imagine her shock when in 2006 she faced her own cancer diagnosis. Then in 2008, she again was given her third frightening cancer diagnosis. This is what propelled Fortson to step out on her own—in directions against her own doctor’s prognosis’s and advice—to really learn more about the why and how of cancer.

Understanding the How and Why of Cancer Today

After her third diagnosis of cancer was delivered to her, Fortson set out to discover everything she could about the disease, including the effects of:

  • diet
  • alternative treatments
  • power of the mind-body relationship

In Embrace, Release, Heal Fortson leads you on a journey—much her own journey—in discovering how the spiritual connection, emotions, diet, alternative health modalities, and the power of the mind-body relationship play into a cancer diagnosis.

Each chapter of this thirteen chapter, 420 page book tells a story of a different person and their experience with cancer. The book begins with Fortson’s own story, which she characterizes as a story of change. Despite the fact that a huge part of this change was her cancer diagnosis, Fortson gracefully explains that her change was going from a good life to a great life.

Every Chapter Offers Story of Hope and Light

As you read on you’ll meet Bridgett, Ginny, Ric, and Jeff, among others. You’ll feel like you know these people personally as you conclude each chapter learning about their cancer diagnosis, their chosen treatment, and what happened to them down the road after their cancer diagnosis.

Each chapter starts with a poignant quote. The one for Chapter 2 entitled “Forgiveness” is the following quote from Buddy Hackett

Don’t carry a grudge. When you carry a grudge the other guy’s out dancing.

Embrace, Release, Heal Book CoverThis book is helpful for everyone out there who wants to change the way they look at life—and begin or keep living a healthy, abundant life. This book delves into the facts of diet, emotions, stress, exercise, and overall lifestyle choices that determine how our bodies look and feel—inside and out.

Embrace, Release, Heal is an inspirational book spilling over with hope, love, and healing, not just for the person with a cancer diagnosis but for anyone who is concerned about the possibility of being diagnosed with cancer. This encouraging book is a must-read for anyone touched by cancer, and highly recommended for those fortunate enough not to be.