How to handle embarrassing pregnancy symptoms

It is always a beautiful thing to bear a child in your womb. But as you know your body will also experience some changes during the 9 months of pregnancy. You already know your belly will expand. You might also throw up from time to time. The other truth is there are other physical changes that you may not necessarily expect and yet you might not want to talk about them to your doctor because it is embarrassing. You may not be used to having hair growing on your belly or passing out gases more often than not. There are ways to handle those unpleasant symptoms. Here is how you can deal with some of them.

Passing out excess gas
It is no news that a pregnant women will tend to pass out gases often. The problem is, it gets difficult to hold on to it when in public. A pregnant woman has a bit more difficulty in controlling her muscles and therefore might embarrass herself in front of people around her. The reason for releasing that much gas is due to the surge in the amount of hormones discharged inside the body that slows down the gastrointestinal track of the woman.

So the way to deal with it is to fasten up the intestinal track again. Exercise is one way of making it happen. By warming up the body through exercise, movement in the intestines are accelerated and the food in there will not have enough time to ferment and eventually produce the gas.

Also the woman needs to avoid eating certain types of foods like beans, dried fruits, carbonated drinks, cauliflower broccoli and dairy products.

Hair growing on the face
Most women get excited when they get to know that they are going to grow hair during their pregnancy. But later when they found out that the hair will grow on all parts of the body including the face, the abdomen and the breast it becomes a whole different story.

At least you can cover yourself with wide-cut clothing during the gestation but you might want to do something about the facial hair. Doctors do not advise laser treatment as it may affect the skin pigment. Doctors most recommended choice is to wait till the end of the pregnancy before thinking of removing the hair. That said if you feel too uncomfortable with it you can try waxing or tweezing. It is the safest method.

Heightened sense of smell
During gestation some women will tend to have a stronger sense of smell. That may result in an aversion to food with strong odors like seafood or poultry food. It gets worse when a woman starts picking up on her own smell. In front of people she may feel her presence is making the air unbreathable where in reality she is the only one smelling it. This situation usually occurs during the end of the pregnancy.

There is no need to worry in such a situation, you can still consult a doctor just to make sure a yeast infection is ruled out but generally there is nothing so alarming. Yeast infection can easily be dealt with using anti-fungal drugs.

There are other discomforting symptoms that go with bearing a baby. You can always seek advice from a doctor as to how to deal with them.