Elevations Health Center Treats Men and Women

Elevations Health Center Treats Men and Women

Addiction is quite a challenge: Yet, if you have drug or alcohol issues, you shouldn’t feel ashamed. You didn’t take your first drink with the idea of becoming an alcoholic. Many addicts feel too ashamed or embarrassed to seek help for their disease. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, you have made some mistakes in the past. It is important to realize that they are not the result of who you are, but the disease you have.

The hardest part is taking the first step in recovery and admitting that you have a problem. Once you do that, getting better becomes easier. You must face the future before getting over the past. There are resources out there for you once you make the decision to be sober.

Elevations Health Care is one of the premier facilities of its kind. The addiction recovery center helps people get better via its three different locations. Two are in the state of Florida in Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. They also have a location in Austin, TX.



Elevations is accredited by the Join Commission. The not-for-profit organization accredits over 20,000 medical organizations in the United States. This includes organizations in every medical discipline.


Elevations Health provides an array of different services for addicts. The center offers the best inpatient rehab Palm Beach has to offer. At the facility, patients live in private homes instead of a more traditional facility. There are three different homes at the Palm Beach location. The following a description of the purpose of each of the three homes at Elevations Health in Palm Beach.


Meditation House – The Meditation House is for men with severe addiction issues. They are usually early in the recovery process. Men receive care on 24/7 basis. Constant care is vital for new patients. The men in Meditation House have access to every service offered at Elevations Health.


Grace House – Grace House is the women’s house. It serves the same purpose for women that the Meditation House does for men. Both houses have fun entertainment and activity areas. This includes a pool, volleyball court, cable TV, and other games.


Sierra House – The Sierra House is where individuals in the later phases of the program live. The patients living at the Sierra House are assimilating back into their everyday life. Each patient receives care anytime they are on the premises.


Sierra House is a multi-unit property that houses both men and women. It has a few more amenities than the Grace and Meditation House. This includes computer access and Wi-Fi. Instead of one shared community TV, there is a television in each room. It serves to teach people who to balance freedom with personal responsibility.




There is a variety of treatments offered at Elevations Health Center. Their trained professionals understand how to treat a person’s mind and their physical well-being. The following are some of the treatments available.


Interventions – The center can aid family and friends of an addict. They have staged many successful interventions helping many take the first step towards recovery.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Drug addiction is rarely a standalone disease. It is usually paired with some kind of mental disorder. The dual diagnosis program seeks to identify the root cause of addiction in a patient. They can treat the disease effectively because of this. Treating mental health makes addicts less likely to relapse once they complete the program.


Outpatient Program – Elevations doesn’t just offer inpatient services. Outpatient treatment is also available. During this treatment protocol, patients can go home each night. This allows them to use their family as a form of support during the process. They maintain their jobs and the relationships while also receiving full treatment.


Detox – Withdrawals are the most arduous aspect of kicking a drug or alcohol addiction. Detox is something many people choose to do on their own. Many choose to receive the treatment medically. The facility offers detoxification treatment to addicts in the Palm Beach area. This can ease the effects of withdrawal as they try to end their dependence on their substance of choice. Detox is an especially effective treatment for those addicted to opiates.


Elevations Health offers other addiction treatment services as well. Each patient has their treatment tailored exactly to their mental and physical health needs. This gives everyone a much higher chance to make a full recovery and not relapse when they leave.