The Electric 2 Wheel Scooter and Razor Mod Scooter are Popular Choices for Fun and Convenience

Save Gas, Go Electric – Discount Senior Electric Scooters and
Mobility Aids

The Razor® Pocket Mod Bistro Electric Scooter

If you want to have some fun check out a slick Razor Mod Scooter and reduce your walking you may want to check
out the benefits of the Razor Scooter. It travels as fast as 15 mph and as far as 10 miles on a single 8-hour
charge (40-minute run time).

It features cast aluminum wheels with 12-inch pneumatic tires for a really smooth ride to add to your enjoyment.

It also accommodates adults as heavy as 220 lbs with its 250W/24V motor. This makes this scaled-down scooter
great for anyone 12 and older.

You will enjoy its wide, comfortably padded seat. It even flips up to reveal a storage compartment.

Some other features are:

  • nonskid textured foot deck
  • variable throttle speed control
  • hand-lever rear brake
  • retractable double kickstand
  • license plate with decals for personalizing

When riding your Razor Mod Scooter you also want to be sure and always wear a helmet and other safety gear
when riding anywhere. Even though this scooter is not for use on streets or any place there is vehicle traffic
you can have a lot of fun in parks, and on trails, or other places where scooters are beneficial.

Electric Mobility Scooters

By the mid 1970’s “independent living” was a concept that became new to many of us in the United
States. With the accessibility of affordable compact scooters millions of citizens were able to enjoy new
found levels of freedom and a life without so many restrictions. This was greatly due to the passing of The
Americans With Disabilities which allowed the access to mobility equipment that was quickly adopted and became
a new way of life.

Seniors who had limitations were allowed greater levels of freedom to move about their neighborhoods, share
in recreational activities, and do their own shopping. Nowadays there are so many wonderful equipment options,
such as the popular electric 2 wheel scooter, or 3 and 4 wheel mobility scooters to fill every niche and
need imaginable.

Two scooter manufacturers that you will want to learn about, EV Rider and Medline mobility scooters offer
well crafted machines designed for fun, work, and to make life a bit easier. These independant living devices
are wonderful recreational scooters, too and come in a wide range of models. You can choose from portable
folding models, powerful mobility aids, recreation vehicles, and working machines.