Information on Digestive Enzymes Supplements and 4 Basic Body Types

Information on Enzymes for Improved Digestion and Their Relationship with the Four

Basic Body Types

Information on Enzymes and the 4 Basic Body Types – Which Digestive Enzyme Supplement is Best

First, let’s discuss the different body types, then we will go on and discuss enzyme therapy and how it can help you ward of disease and ill health, along with importance of carbs, proteins, and fats and the body’s ability to digest them.

Which Body Type are You?

Please read this list of statements carefully and choose the type that most closely resembles your physical characteristics.

If you are like me, you have trouble with these kinds of tests because part of a statement will apply and the other part of it may not. What I’ve figured out is that the best way to approach this is to choose the description which most closely fits the way your body is put together.

Type One: My shoulders and hips are the same width. Any excess fat is in the stomach and waist areas. My butt is high and perky and actually begins at the base of my back. If male, I tend to
have the spare tire when overweight.

Type Two: My shoulders are more narrow than my hips. If female, any excess weight tends to be in my hips and upper thighs (saddlebags). If male, any excess weight tends to show up as a pot
belly. My butt sits low and ends about three quarters of the way up my thigh.

Type Three: My shoulders have a tendency to be broad and I have always had legs that are muscular and a flat butt. I have a solid looking body and my upper body and stomach seem to carry my weight.

Type Four: My shape may be described as wiry or, if overweight, as having “baby fat”. I am the youngest looking member of my family. I gain weight evenly all over my body and when I do it is soft just like baby fat.

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Pure, Plant Source Digestive Enzymes are Nature’s Miracle Builders

You can experience optimal wellness through Enzyme supplementation. Pure, plant source digestive enzymes may be the most broad-based wellness supplement available.

Many people still do not appreciate the importance digestive enzymes play in all bodily functions. Some assume that you get enough enzymes in the food you eat and in the enzymes your body makes. Part of our own wellness education included the discovery that today’s world depletes enzyme stores in ways that it never did a few generations ago.

For example, frequent air travel depletes enzymes as does stress. Tell me one person who can say they always handle stress well? 40 years ago, obviously there was stress. But, 40 years ago we lived closer to nature.
Before the asphalt jungles were created, we could actually walk on the good earth and feel the dirt between our toes. Today, many of us never see dirt unless we travel outside the city. So many of us spend our days in concrete buildings and drive home on asphalt freeways, to go into our homes which are often also surrounded by concrete, and we breath indoor air that is stale and often full of allergens. We didn’t have the traffic and smog 40 years ago either. Chemical pollutants deplete enzymes.

But perhaps the largest depletion occurs through the foods we now eat. Most are cooked, which kills viable live enzymatic action. Even after they are cooked, we further mutilate the nutritional qualities by microwaving. In addition, who doesn’t stop by a fast food place when they are in a hurry? Fast foods are empty calories and fried fast foods are a ticket to the heart clinic.

What we understand, from reading about enzymes in food, you only get enough enzymes in raw, fresh food to digest the food itself. That would be fine if all we ate was raw, fresh food. However, there are no enzymes left over to replace the ones we miss every time we choose junk food, cooked food, and fried food.

In trying various holistic health products you will find many are excellent and really help. Some are not so good and should fall by the wayside. However, of all the supplements we have tried, we’ve seen a more broad application of permanent benefit with plant source, pure, therapeutic-grade enzymes than any other single supplement.

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Function and Role of Digestive Enzymes in Maintaining Optimal Health

Most of the food components that are absorbed by the body are known as macromolecules. They are known as macromolecules because they are actually a chain of smaller molecules patterned as repeating units. These smaller molecules are made up of nucleic acids, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates or polysaccharides. These repeating units are actually building blocks and are called monomers and are very important for the digestive system of the body.

The monomers that are present in protein can be further classified into amino acids, while those present in the carbohydrates are derivatives of sugar. The ones present in the nucleic acids are called nucleotides. Lipids however, are not organized in a repetitious manner. Carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids are very important for the body because they are the major substrates for digestive enzymes along with oral enzymes and have to be compulsorily supplied through dietary supplements.

Proteins are one of the most required molecules in the body because they maintain a variety of cellular activity and life through enzymes, antibodies and hormones. The protein molecules continuously behave in two typical ways, they either support catabolism (breakdown) or anabolism (formation). Hence, to keep the body fit and active, the protein level must be replenished regularly with a diet rich in building blocks. Amino acids are essential for the body. Proteins contain the various amino acids, in different quantities. Some are naturally found in the human body and hence, they are termed as non-essential, while some are not possible for the body to produce and they are known as essential amino acids. In order to replenish their level in the body, they must be taken in adequate amount via proper diet. The nine essential amino acids are:

  • Histidine
  • Methionine and cysteine
  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Phenylalanine and tyrosine
  • Lysine
  • Valine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan

The Importance of Fat – What are Lipids? What Role do They Play in Good Health?

Lipids are more commonly referred to as fats and they form a heterogeneous group. Lipids can be divided into three main classes:

  1. Simple lipids: They comprise of fats and oils that are organic compounds or esters of glycerol and fatty acids or tryglycerids or esters of long chain alcohol and fatty acids.
  2. Complex lipids: They are simple lipids that are combined by non-lipid fractions such as phosphoric acid, to form phospholipid or carbohydrate moiety, to form glycolipid or protein, to form lipoprotein.
  3. Derived lipids: They include hydrolytic lipid products like fatty acids, sterols, carotenoids and liposoluble vitamins.

Lipids are very essential to the body because they provide energy to the cells and they also carry fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids to them. Natural edible fats contain all the simple and complex lipid components. Fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids on the other hand are very necessary for the synthesis (formation) of various cellular and regulatory molecules.

A fat free diet is a deficient diet that can disrupt the body performance. Therefore, it is very important for the body to get these two essential fatty acids, linoleic and linolenic, by the way of diet. However, to obtain them, the cells have to break down the fatty acids and assimilate them in the cells.

The cells can only accomplish this task when there is an adequate intake of food and proper digestion. The essentials are:

  • A complete diet
  • Good digestive system
  • Timely delivery of the various nutrients to the body
  • Histologically and biochemically perfect cells of the digestive system and their secretion system
  • Appropriate density, distribution and taxonomy of the microflora in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Regular expel of the digestive waste from the system. Thus, thoroughly cleaning the system.

What are Carbs and Their Function in Good Health?

Carbs also called polysaccharides and contain simple sugars such as galactose, fructose, glucose that are combined in various combinations. They provide the main source of energy from a cell level making them vital as energy sources. They also help to synthesize proteoglycans, glycoproteins,glycosaminoglycans, and glycoplipids. These four elements are important in their role for aiding cell functions and help the cells recognise one another.

Carbohydrates are help the body use fats along with assisting in the removal of foreign substances. However, excessive dietary glucose gets stored in the body as fat or glycolgen.

However, if the body doesn’t have enough glucose which can happen from poor digestion or not enough in the body will impair the balance of needed nitrogen.

When this happens from a lack of carbs their is not enough to supply the body with its needed energy supply so the body begins to break down tissues to access proteins from muscles and utilizes this for its energy source. This is why a high protein diet is not wise over time because when the body uses protein for energy instead of the components found in carbohydrates the body defense to illness breaks down and also its biosynthetic functions.

Now you know the importance of digestive enzymes and why it is so wise to get the most out of your nutritionand food. The following link takes you to our favorite resource for information on enzymes and the best digestive enzymes supplements.