Easy Ways to Make Sure You Look Great This Summer

One of the main reasons summer diets and fitness regimes fail is that they are boring. We don’t enjoy them, so we give up and fall into unhealthy habits. The best way to make sure you look great on the beach is by making some small and even fun changes to your day to day life. These variations could be adding things you enjoy, or making changes you don’t even notice. This way, you will be sure to stick to your plan, be successful and look awesome all year around.

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Find a Fun Hobby

If the idea of going for a run fills you with dread, don’t do it. Find a healthy hobby that you enjoy instead. Try a team sport such as netball or roller derby, which can be great fun, as well as a brilliant way to tone up and meet new people. If you are very unfit and struggle with sports, even going for a long walk regularly can hugely improve your fitness levels.


If you don’t cook already, learn, and if you do, refine your skills. Cooking can be fantastically good fun and making meals from scratch means you know exactly what is in them and how healthy they are. Make yourself fakeaways if you fancy a treat as they are just as tasty, but much healthier than a greasy, fat filled takeaway.

Eat More Fruit

When we’re kids, we eat things like grapes and strawberries by the punnet. Then, as we get older we stop. Fruit isn’t fun. But, it is. Fruit tastes great. Prepare yourself some healthy fruit salads to fill you up throughout the day.

Get Lots of Sleep

The easiest way to lose weight, tone up and improve your skin tone is to sleep. You should aim to get around 8 hours every night. Sleep helps to improve your mood, reduce stress, keep your skin shiny and helps your body’s functions work at their best.


Dancing is an amazing exercise. Whether you dance in the kitchen, around the house with the kids, or in nightclubs, you will be getting a great cardio workout, burning calories and losing weight while enjoying yourself.


“Smile and the world smiles with you” is the saying and it’s true. Smiles are infectious. If you smile, others will smile back at you thus improving the mood and atmosphere of your surroundings. When people are happy and smiling, they are generally more attractive.

Looking great doesn’t need to be hard work and a big part of it is down to confidence. Making some of these changes to your lifestyle will help boost your confidence and self-esteem as well as helping you to lose weight, tone up and get glowing, youthful skin ready to hit the beach this summer.