Eagle Professional Natural Medicine: A Trusted Brand for Your Health

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The brand Eagle Professional Natural Medicine is more than just a staple of high quality, reliable vitamins, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements in Australia and New Zealand. This is a brand that is still functioning on the founder, Dr Townsend Hopkins’ principle of formulating the best products to help people achieve good health, with their ongoing research and development projects.

Today, from its beginnings in 1966, the brand is seen as a pioneer in the Australian practitioner natural health sector. Some of its formulas have become the biggest selling products within the complementary healthcare industry.

The product range includes detailed formulated supplements made from high quality nutrients, herbs, amino acids and enzymes. The spectrum of the range covers hearth health, bone health, gut health, as well as products focused on boosting your immune systems, to supplements for your skin health, reproductive system, brain and nervous system, in addition to endocrine health. More so, this brand offers supplementation for optimal antioxidant protection, but also general supplements of omega-3 fatty acids and multivitamin and mineral support. The formulas that are produced are also especially created to meet the needs specific to women, men and children.

Although we should be getting our nutrients from the food we eat, it is not always possible. The food themselves, due to modern farming techniques, are not as packed with the goodness as in the past. More so, our modern lifestyles that include a low fiber diet, high sugar foods, and stress are affecting our health. Luckily, there is a trusted brand one can turn to for health improvement products, which one can add to one’s nutrition and exercise programs, to elevate our health, energy, minds, ideals and happiness.

One such product that is available under the Eagle brand is CytoPro Balance. This supplement has 11 strains of probiotic and is ideal for people that suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), as well as protecting against antibiotic associated diarrhea and to lessen gastrointestinal symptoms related to stress. For IBS patients, this supplement could reduce symptoms like bloating, constipation, abdominal pain and flatulence. More so, it means that people with IBS can lead a normal life without the worries of socially embarrassing themselves in public.

A great vegetarian friendly digestive enzyme supplement, Vegie Digestaid, is also available. This supplement contains Dandelion root and ginger. These two ingredients are traditionally used in western herbal medicine to rise bile creation and flow and have choleretic and cholagogue activity. Ginger is also known to relieve the severity of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. More so, this product helps with the reduction of flatulence, the breakdown of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats, but it also provides relief from non-specific dyspepsia.

Another great supplement that Eagle Professional is producing is NeuroMood™. This formula is made with the unique combination of herbs such as St John’s Wort and Saffron, but also essential nutrients, which together provides relief from mild anxiety, mood swings, nervous tension, and stress. This formula also lends support to the healthy neurotransmitter synthesis of dopamine, adrenalin, noradrenalin, as well as thyroxine. Thereby supporting a healthy mood.

In terms of supplements focus on good bone health, Eagle Professional has Upgrade Eagle Bone Matrix Support. This special supplement contains the precisely measured and trailed amounts of Calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. The formula is geared to optimal bone mineral density, enhancing calcium absorption and integration into the bones, as well as the teeth. What this product is also formulated for is to protect against loss of bone mineral density and supporting healthy bone development, which means it is a total support for bone health.

These are just a sample of the products on offer. This brand, which is well respected among healthcare professionals, has many more reliable and efficacious products available.

The brand keeps investing in clinical trials to develop even more specialized formulas with the best ingredients of pure vitamins, amino acids, minerals and herbs. More so, Eagle Professional has also been extending their knowledge by collaborating with renowned international scientists and researchers, but also some of Australia’s leading universities and research organizations, to produce even better product solutions.

It is understandable why Eagle Professional Natural Medicine is a market leader. From its extensive product range, its provision for dietary requirements, to its well-respected reputation, as well as its ongoing research and development, this brand is not only helping people to lead more healthy lives free from illnesses, but also repairing damaged bodies and reducing symptoms from chronic conditions. One of the most popular natural products offered is the “Eagle Echinacea Royale” with 90 Tablets.


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