Drug rehab in the US – getting help when you need it most

Across the US, there are men and women who suffer the consequences of drug abuse. You are certainly not alone if you need help. To illustrate the magnitude of the matter, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) confirmed that as much as 9.3% of all people over the age of 12 – or 23.5 million people, required rehab during the course of a year.

Before talking some more about options for drug rehab in Houston, let’s consider the common drugs people need help with. We will also consider the age groups that are most frequently treated by drug rehab facilities across the US. Here are the findings:

Alcohol is the main problem, but other drugs represent a challenge too:

Alcohol alone (23% of all treatments) is the biggest single problem, followed by “Alcohol and another drug”, which is essentially when there is a combination of dependencies that needs to be adressed. Marijuana is the next big challenge – 17% of all treatments to be precise. We then have a list of other drugs that require rehab, including heroine, cocaine, crack, stimulants, PCP, tranquilizers and sedatives.

Age groups most commonly treated:

As you can see below, 20 to 29 year olds face the biggest challenge in the US. It is however alarming that as much as 7.5% of treatments are for those between the age of 12 and 17. Perhaps not surprizing that the Trump administration aims to take extreme steps to deal with sanctuary cities, which is blamed for cross border drug issues.

Age groups treated in rehab:
14.8% 25-29
14.4% 20-24
12.6% 40-44
11.7% 35-39
11.5% 45-49
11.3% 30-34
10.4% 50-59
7.5% 12-17
4.1% 18-19
1.2% 60-64
0.6% 65 or older

So will the Trump wall help us solve most of these problems?

In view of the fact that alcohol represents the biggest contributor of rehab patients, with cocaine making up 8%, it is unlikely that the bulk of the problems will be solved only with a wall. However, cocaine can have far more serious consequences as opposed to alcohol: more notably, it often leads to violent crime and severe dependencies, leading down a spiral of theft, prostitution and other desperate attempts to feed the habit.

Getting help across the US:

Your local NIH can be of help.

Getting help with drug rehab in Houston:

Visit this site for more information. You will notice that options include a 90-day Recovery Program and sober living, with a 12 month after care process. All of this is aimed at truely changing your life for the better.

Things to remember before you go to rehab:

Don’t try to binge or make changes to your regular consumption schedule just because you’re heading for treatment. Get loads of rest, which will be part of the detoxification process. Prepare yourself physically and mentally to make a success of your treatment. More importantly, remember that you’re not alone. Millions of people have been in your position before – and got help at the right time, you can too!