What Do Dreams Mean? Software Provides Dream Interpretation to Learn Their Meanings

What Dreams Mean – Many Ways to Increase Dreamtime Awareness

What do dreams mean? Here are three actions you can take take to assist you in remembering your dreams.

Ask: Before you go to bed at night, ask for dreamtime help. You may ask for healing with a certain area of your
life, or guidance with a decision.

Tune into what has happened to you that day, and ask for assistance to resolve
any leftover resistance or uneasiness easily and restfully through your dreams.

Program Your Intent: Now that you have asked for help, and set a foundation for receiving help in a restful and
relaxed manner.

Next, reinforce your asking by creating intention statements. For example, say to yourself: “I
want to remember my dreams. I am going to remember my dreams.” Your intention empowers your subconscious mind.

Waking Review: Each morning upon rising, review whatever you can remember of your dreams, as a way of honoring
the gifts and understanding the meanings.

Do this before getting up and moving around as it just take a few moments
to see what is there from dreamtime. It helps to have a dream journal beside your bed. Journaling your dreams
may be very valuable and eventually it become automatic to review on waking.

Dreamtime Development and Dream Awareness Tools

If you would like to explore lucid dreaming this is an awesome kit. It is designed to help you discover
a secret world where you can control everything. It presents a world that is very real, acutally more
real than conscious waking life. This world is exciting and you can learn how to make anything happen. Allow things
to flow as you enjoy your lucid dreaming experiences. You will be thrilled and exhilarated for weeks

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