Dr. Mark Mitchelson, Anti-aging medicine supplement secrets

This week, Tess Bryan interviewed Dr. Mark Mitchelson about the mystery surrounding anti-aging medicine, sizzling minerals and other related issues. Dr. Mark has agreed to do a series of discussions which will no doubt be very informative in a field that is highly researched by many of our reader.

TESS BRYAN: Dr Mark Mitchelson, I believe that you have recently just concluded a series of interviews with the “Asia Times” a Major Magnus Grimshaw with regards to your new “Theory of Everything”, the so-called “Proof of Reality” which is explained in your fascinating new book, entitled “The Origin of the Origin and Nature of Reality”, which I believe basically re-discovers “The Philosophers’ Stone” as such, where it relates to the biblical reference of  “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” in the Holy Bible .

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Yes Tess, that is correct. However, after many years of study and contemplation, I now wish to reveal another of the Planet Earths greatest secrets of all time and that is straight from Ponce De Leon, the knowledge of “The Tree of Life” or in other words the secret of immortality or at its very least a very long, healthy life span.

TESS BRYAN: Please do tell Dr Mark Mitchelson! As I have heard that you are one of the worlds leading expert on anti-aging medicine and I am quite sure my readers worldwide will be completely fascinated by your various deductions.

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Ok Tess, first of all we must discuss the anthropological conclusions that I have deduced from my study of the inhabitants in the Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan. Apparently these particular people are extremely long lived, having average life spans of at least 120 years and are still sexually active at 100!

These particular people basically drink water which is a runoff from the Himalayan mountain glaciers and is very high in colloidal mineral content. Also, they grow and subsist off Oranges and Apricots primarily that they grow organically themselves. The Oranges being very high in Vitamin C and the Apricots being very high in Vitamin E. These 2 Vitamins have been shown to have very high anti-oxidant capacities in the human body and to retard the aging process at a cellular level I might add!

Also, it has been shown conclusively, that if a human being has an adequate intake of 7 (seven) key minerals in their diet, then this keeps the body manufacturing Super Oxide Dismutase, which is one of the human bodies other key ant-oxidant systems which also retards the aging process at the cellular level.

TESS BRYAN: So Dr Mark Mitchelson, you are basically saying that by having a diet that is high in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and various minerals then you will live and function better, for longer?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Tess , that is the precise conclusion that I have come to have. However, for us people living in the western countries, eating modern diets, may I be so bold to suggest that one would have to take supplemental Vitamin C (1000mg/day) and Vitamin E (500mg/day,) as well as a good plant based mineral complex, of which I firmly believe “Sizzling Minerals” to be the best one on the market, as this particular supplement is made from prehistoric plant humus, which is over 70 million years old, which was a time when the Plane Earth’s soils had a much higher mineral content and which also contains over 70 organically derived minerals and trace elements. These organic minerals have been absorbed into  the plants growing at this particular time and if you do have any sort of mineral deficiency of any kind, which is quite a common occurrence in these modern times full of processed foods, then this will correct these deficiencies, as well as any disease process connected to the particular mineral deficiency, of which there are many!

TESS BRYAN: What else can you inform my readers about my dear Dr Mark Mitchelson?

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Ok Tess , I will tell you all of the secrets. The fact is that these Hunza folk never get cancer either and that is because they take the kernel from their organically grown Apricots that they grow themselves and grind them up and incorporate this mixture in the various jams that they produce locally. The Apricot kernel is very high in another Vitamin, VitaminB17, or laetrile. This simple folk medicine custom ensures that the inhabitants of the Hunza Valley of Northern Pakistan never get cancer either, which is a basic fact that most western doctors will never inform you of, because it is not in their interest to inform you of these things, that we have just discussed.

TESS BRYAN: Ok Dr Mark Mitchelson, what other secrets to anti-aging can you inform my readers about?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Yes Tess , I believe that it is my duty to inform you and your readers about everything that I know, which is a vast information data collection, that I have been progressively compiling privately over many years of medical studies, that is based on anti-aging medical techniques, which are basically plant derived nutritional strategies.

For example for the protection of your joints, blood vessels and heart, I recommend that a person should take at least 2000mg of Fish Oil, with Krill Oil being a bit better than the Fish Oil, because it contains another powerful anti-oxidant Astaxanthin, plus at least 1000 mg of Evening Primrose Oil, which contains (GLA) gamma-linolenic Acid, which is the substrate that your body makes synovial fluid from, which lubricates your joints.

Flaxseed oil from organically grown Flaxseed plants may be desirable to use now as a replacement  for Fish or Krill Oil in recent times, because of the progressive contamination of the oceans, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere with nuclear isotopes from the Fukushima Disaster  and or other excessive fossil fuel contaminates, which include mercury, which is a potent neurotoxin.

Also, for perfect joint health I would also recommend taking at least 1000mg of Glucosamine daily, which is the substrate that is necessary for the body to make joint cartilage. In fact Chinese people love eating Sea Cucumber, which is naturally very high in glucosamine and it is very rarely that you see a Chinese person with Osteoarthritis, which is a disorder emanating primarily from our poor dietary habits in the western countries, in comparison, with Asian peoples from the eastern countries

TESS BRYAN:  Thanks Dr Mark  we will wind this particular interview up now and we will follow up with parts 2 &3 shortly thereafter when you can tell me and my readers some more of your closely guarded secrets!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: You can bet your life on that Tess .