D’OXYVA Improves Blood Circulation, Eliminates Diabetic Amputations, Drives The Fight Against Climate Change

Diabetes is a chronic disease which is characterized by levels of blood sugar which are elevated. Over time, this leads to serious damage to the, “heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves.” According to the World Health Organization there are roughly 422 million people worldwide who have diabetes and the majority of these individuals live in low and middle income countries. 1.5 million deaths each year are attributed to diabetes. In addition to this, both the amount of cases of diabetes and the prevalence of diabetes have been increasing steadily over the last several decades. 

There are two kinds of diabetes and the most common kind is type 2 diabetes. This typically occurs in adults when the body of an individual becomes insulin resistant or stops producing enough insulin. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes has risen significantly in countries of all income levels over the past three decades. Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition which means that the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin on its own. The WHO states that, “For people living with diabetes, access to affordable treatment, including insulin, is critical to their survival”. 

D’OXYVA, A New Treatment for Severe Diabetes 

D’OXYVA is a new treatment for individuals with severe diabetes that uses CO2 to improve blood flow and blood circulation. It has been proven to be effective in this regard and it is able to heal diabetic foot ulcers as well as other serious wounds in a rapid manner. D’OXYVA also reduces the need for amputations and helps patients by easing their chronic pain. The treatment uses a small vapor spray to bring carbon dioxide from the surface of the skin into the blood vessels without causing the patient pain. 

Mention of carbon dioxide places people on alert due to the ongoing climate crisis. Additionally, the global health sector contributes nearly 5% of the total greenhouse gas emissions emitted each year. The D’OXYVA technology and the carbon dioxide it utilizes actually benefits the environment. This is the case because the carbon dioxide is captured at the source so it does not reach the atmosphere. Additionally, Circularity Healthcare, which is the company that has developed this new technology, has formed partnerships with companies that are capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This includes vehicle and industrial emissions. 

This creates a circular carbon economy and it is built on the four Rs which are reducing, reusing, recycling and removing. Carbon dioxide is widely used for medical purposes in a number of essential applications. As such, sourcing this dangerous gas responsibly, by removing it from the atmosphere, has become incredibly important to the global healthcare industry. Part of the Circularity Healthcare mission, and part of why the company was established, is to radically change the current standard of healthcare and improve lives. They achieve all of this while also demonstrating the concept of the circular carbon economy. To further strengthen their commitment to the environment, the company largely produces its products out of materials which have been recycled. 

D’OXYVA is a pioneering technology in that it uses a unique skin microcirculation technology. This technology dispenses non-toxic vapor through a mini cartridge which is filled with ultra purified carbon dioxide molecules. The treatment is non-invasive and has been proven to deliver consistent results in as little as four to eight weeks. This is based on evidence which has been collected by medical scientists at 18 of the best universities in the US. 

In the US, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration declared diabetic foot ulcers an epidemic. Amputations are a common occurrence for patients with such ulcers with numbers being as high as 43% of patients. D’OXYVA is able to shrink these numbers considerably thanks to its efficacy in improving blood flow. It is predicted that D’OXYVA will become a common treatment for symptoms which are associated with diabetes as it is in the final stages of receiving an update to its existing FDA approval. 

Final Thoughts 

Diabetes is a common chronic disease which many people suffer from across the globe. The prevalence of diabetes is only increasing and access to treatment is vital for those living with the disease. D’OXYVA is pioneering a new treatment for individuals with severe diabetes and helping to save the planet while doing so. They use carbon dioxide which has been extracted from the atmosphere to help patients improve their blood flow and significantly reduce the risk of amputation. This technology has been proven to be effective by 18 of the leading universities in the US.