Understanding Dog Anxiety Causes and Helpful Natural Treatments and Remedies

Many canine behavior problems arise from anxiety disorders caused by a number of reasons.

Dogs experience stress from a variety of situations, and they almost all lead to problematic behavior patterns that can leave pet owners stumped on what to do to help their companions.

When a pet’s behavior seems off or anxious there are some steps you can take to help them including the use of natural pet remedies.

Separation Anxiety and Dogs

A large number of dogs find themselves with a case of separation anxiety.

This form of anxiety arises from a dog’s desire to remain with its pack. By nature, dogs live together in packs. When dogs spend too much time in solitude, they often become quite uneasy.

However, with their busy schedules, many pet owners expect their dogs to spend the majority of each day alone. The dogs become anxious, and begin acting out in a number of unfavorable ways.

The canines may engage in self-destructive behaviors like over-chewing and grooming, creating sores and skin conditions. They might also lack the self-control to remember their house-breaking training, leaving accidents around their home. Additionally, stressed dogs often get into further trouble, emptying the trash, chewing on furniture, and more.

Additional Causes of Discomfort

Black DogAnxiety may also arise from trauma in the dog’s life. Many dogs suffer from emotional issues brought on by abuse from a previous owner, neglect in puppy-hood, or irresponsible training practices.

Additionally, changes to routine or lifestyle might disturb a dog’s behavior. For example, a new roommate, baby, or even another pet may cause unease for your dog. Likewise, a departure in the house, like a death of a family member, or a student going away to college, may create similar reactions from your dog.

Many dogs demonstrate a fear of loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, and gunshots. When dogs hear the frightening sounds, they begin to show signs of distress. Unfortunately, many times the dog remains on edge long after the noise has ended.

Sometimes travel causes distress in dogs. Even with their owners are present, many dogs dislike rides in the car and nights away from home. Other dogs appear lost or out of sorts when left in a kennel, and even a pet sitter’s home.

The Importance of Diet, Exercise, and Training

To ease your dog’s mind, take care to feed a high quality diet, and to provide plenty of exercise. Also make playtime a regular part of your daily routine. Mental and physical stimulation prepare a dog to better handle stressful situations. Additionally, exercise works to relieve anxiety, and boost your dog’s confidence.

If possible, take steps to change your dog’s behavior patters. Most of the time, anxiety problems arise from a dog’s lack of emotional security. Obedience training classes help to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. And perhaps most importantly, they build your dog’s self-esteem, and give his life much needed structure.

The training classes work to erase confusion from your dog’s mind, leaving him more focused and content. Thought provoking toys, like those that encourage dogs to work to release treats, also help to de-stress your pet.

Spending more quality time with your dog should help to alleviate his separation anxiety. However, work further towards a solution by drawing less attention to your arrivals and departures each day.

For example, if you notice that he becomes uneasy as you put on your shoes, begin playing with your shoes throughout the day to make them less of a sign of your exit. When you are home, slowly begin to open and close the door throughout the day. Even go outside for brief periods of time. Over time, your dog will cease to worry if you are coming or going.

Create a Safe Space for Your Dog

Cultivate a comfort zone for your dog within your home.

Dogs generally feel better when they have a space of their own, where they can retreat when they feel uneasy.

Some dogs prefer a pet-bed, while others lean towards crates. Wherever your dog makes his home, do your part to keep it clean and comfortable.

Anti-anxiety Medications and Supplements

Relaxed CatVeterinarians can prescribe drugs for your dog or cat, but chances are they will be in the form of hormones or tranquilizers. These medications only provide a short-term fix, and may significantly alter your dog’s body chemistry.

Additionally, the drugs often create unkindly side effects, which may only cause further discomfort for your dog. Drugs can mess with their internal body systems and put stress on their organs. Instead, look for homeopathic anti-anxiety products for your dog in the form of natural pet remedies.

Natural supplementation for dogs and cats helps to gently soothe the brain and nervous system. The herbs Chamomile, St. John’s Wort, and Skullcap are great for promoting relaxation in your pet. Digestion enhancing herbs like mint and ginger help to quiet an upset body.

However, keep in mind that even herbs should be used only as a complement, not an alternative to diet, exercise, and training.

Be sure to seek out high quality supplements, and carefully follow their directions for dosage. Learn to help ease your dog’s anxiety through a variety of methods.

Favorite Natural Cat & Dog Remedies

PetAlive Aggression Pet Remedy for Stressed and Aggressive Pets – Perfect choice for calming your pet and promoting relaxation. May work well to normalize social behavior and discourage aggression. Good for both cats and dogs.

Problem Pet Solution – If you pet is acting out with aggressive behaviors like digging, biting, barking, or scratching this is a good holistic dog remedy which works for cats as well to help reduce hyperactivity, restlessness and aggressive behaviors.

Grief & Pining Formula – At times pets need extra support for emotional security and this natural pet product helps your pet maintain a sense of emotional well-being. This natural treatment for depression in Pets is especially good if they are experiencing pet separation anxiety or feeling insecure due to changes. You can support both cats and dogs mental health with this holistic remedy.

PetCalm – If your pet is high strung this natural supplement for pets supports emotional security by helping to soothe the nervousness system while promoting emotional balance and a calm state. This pet remedy will also help the nervous or shy pet stay centered and relaxed when anxious or stressed.

Easy Travel – Perfect choice for cat or dog car anxiety. During travel a dog or cats digestive system can get upset and this fine pet supplement will help to calm and comfort them during any type of travel. Great Natural remedy choice to calm their nerves and prevent car or air sickness. Really this natural remedy helps prevent and treat all the major symptoms associated with travel and motion sickness in pets.

EaseSure Pet Formula – Cats and dogs can have sensitive nervous systems and this holistic remedy acts to soothe their nervous system and brain. This pet remedy targets epilepsy while supporting dog and cats neurological health.

Performance Plus Pet Remedy – When your pet needs extra concentration and energy this is a great choice. It will support performance, agility, memory and good behavior during training or during cat and dog shows.