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Magnetic Therapy Products – Benefit of the Therapeutic Properties
of Magnets

Question for Dr. Leia: I love to make jewelry and began placing a magnetic hermatite
bead in my necklaces.

I know people
like to buy magnetic therapy jewelry but I am wondering if hermatite magnetic necklaces could be harmful, or if
they are even beneficial.

What is your experience, or recommendations when it comes to magnetic jewelry. Are magnets
really beneficial for the body and can they help people. I mean, there seems to be a fad where people are buying
mattress pads, and all kinds of magnet devices for healing? Would love to have a better understanding on this topic.

Dr. Leia’s Answer: Historically, magnetic therapy has been used for centuries to help alleviate arthritis, joint aches and
pain and stiffness. Some people say that they feel less or no pain while wearing these magnets on different areas
of the body, for instance on the wrist for hand and wrist pain, or around the neck for shoulder and neck pain.

there are several companies which produce sleeping pads and wrap-around braces or supports for the elbows, waist
and lower back, knees, and ankles. Many acupuncturists incorporate the use of magnetic therapy in their practices.
They claim that the magnets help to direct the energy flow in the proper direction through the acupuncture meridians
or channels of the body by strategically taping magnets directly on different select acupuncture points.

I think that you are referring to hematite, rather than hermatite. Hematite is a semi-precious natural stone made
up of iron and oxygen. Hematite, in it’s natural state is not considered a magnet. It is only after this stone is
heated, that it exhibits strong magnetic properties, hence it is the stone of choice for making magnetic jewelry
and healing tools, because of it’s unique magnetic strength. So make sure that you know which form of stone you have
purchased for your jewelry making.

If you decide to make this type of magnetic jewelry, please be aware that if someone has a pace-maker or any type
of metal surgically implanted into their body, then it would be contraindicated for them to use these products. Also
pregnant women should probably not use these devices on their body either. Some people who are extremely sensitive
may show unfavorable side effects or reactions such as headaches or worsening pain, dizziness, malaise or tiredness,
and/or nausea from these magnetic products. In these cases, it would be best to avoid all types of magnetic products.

At any rate, have fun with your jewelry, however clearly label your products, and know the proper precautions and

By Dr. Leia Melead

More About Magnet Therapy

Using magnets as therapeutic devices is not new practice. In fact, Magnetic therapy has been mentioned in may ancient
writing from various cultures around the world. For thousands of years magnets have been used for therapy to heal
all types of ailments.

Gaining in popularity, alternative treatments using magnets are gaining recognition for many medical conditions.

In Japan, Germany, China, India, and also Australia the use of Magnetic therapy is well known and practiced. There
is also a growing interest in many other regions, some include Great Britain, Holland, and in the Western regions
of Canada and the United States.

So what makes magnetic therapy work? When you study the basis of the biological effects of magnetic fields
on living organism something amazing happens. When you properly apply a magnetic field (polarity,
intensity and frequency) it creates s a reaction that can help with the treatment of various illness. Magnet therapy
can help to alleviation pain as stimulate an overall feeling of well-being.
This is because a magnetic field can actually penetrate all the cells that are exposed to the field. This
in turn influences the ions within the cell to enhance ion exchange that will improve the oxygen utilization of
the cell. This is important for the healing and regeneration process.

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