Do you believe Coca-Cola and Pepsi about Weight Loss Benefits Of Diet Soda?

Obesity in America continues to rise no matter how many convenience foods, fad diets, and diet substitutes we find. Maybe that is the key. Since the eighties diet-craze, the girth of the average American has been on the rise, coincidence? Coca-Cola would like to you think so. They are so worried that people may find that artificial sweeteners aren’t working that they are heading up scientific research to convince you to keep drinking it. Will it work? Probably, you can sway numbers any way you want if you work hard enough.

Joining forces with arch-enemy Pepsi, the Coca Cola industry is on a mission to prove that diet soda is just as good for you as drinking water. Spending a million dollars, any physician could save them money, or anyone with common sense can too. The reason they are lobbying so hard isn’t for public opinion; it is to save themselves against recently passed legislation fighting against soda taxes.


They got their money’s worth when a recent report was released concluding that not only did diet soda appear to have no effect on a person’s weight, it may actually have beneficial factors. The only of its kind, a paper funded by the American Beverage Association found that those who drank diet soda not only did not gain weight, they were able to lose it.


Who funded the research?

The people on the list of the funding board for scientific research guise as the International Life Sciences Institute is none other than executives from Nestle, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola Unilever and Mars. To make matters worse, there are now allegations that the researchers who conducted the actual study were paid approximately $1090 per person.

The problem is that no one is really buying what they have bought in findings. Artificial sweeteners have long been suspected of not only having the benefit of losing weight for those who drank them, but they have been suspected of causing weight gain and being carcinogenic. To top it all off, Phosphates found in sodas work against hydration, dehydrating the body, the exact opposite of water which they claim to be just as healthy as.

Chemical compound research done by professionals in cosmetic dentistry have found that the body doesn’t know how to break down artificial sweeteners, which causes it to build up in the body causing water retention. It is also hypothesized that, in high doses, it can lead to neurological symptoms. That may be why as diet sodas flooded the market American obesity rates skyrocketed. It is likely no coincidence.

Losing weight is a simple equation. It is all about calories in versus calories out, so it would make sense that drinking zero calorie sodas as a substitute for soda would help you lose weight. The problem is that although you aren’t consuming sugar, you are filling your body with a substance that isn’t good for you.

The new research proving that diet soda is as good for your weight loss goals as water is not the first time that executives have tampered with data. Even getting aspartame to market has been fraught with alleged misconduct, dirty tricks, and tampering of numbers. There are many who insist that aspartame is so harmful it should have never entered our food supply, yet here they are again misleading the public, paying people off and trying to convince us that what we know is not what we know.


Likely you didn’t like the taste of diet soda when you first tried it. Like those taking their first drag of a cigarette, there is nothing tasty about the off taste of artificial sweeteners. Thinking that you were doing yourself a favor you tried it again. Now, three decades later many are drinking diet sodas like they are water. Giving you an extra jolt many enjoy them for the caffeine and like that there are no calories to drinking. But, what they aren’t recognizing is that there is nothing good about diet soda.


There are many hurdles to losing weight, mixed messages and being manipulated by companies is only one of them. Diet soda contains nothing of any significant value and has additives that are harmful. That is not hyperbole; that is truth. Don’t buy into the hype, diet sodas are in no way as healthy for you as drinking water. If you want to stay fit, maintain good hydration and live a healthy lifestyle, it is always best to choose water when possible.