Discover the Science of Feeling Great in 2022

Do you want to feel great in 2022? It may sound like a far-off goal, but it is actually within reach! By learning about the science of feeling great, you can begin to make small changes today that will have a big impact on your health and happiness in the years to come. Making these small changes means knowing what strides the at-home healthcare are making to bring more control into the hands of individuals over their wellness and health care so that they can make better decisions on how to care for themselves at home. In this article, we’ll explore some of the factors and technological advances going into wellness and self-care that allow more people to take their care into their own hands. So keep reading to learn more about feeling great in the new year!

What Will the World Look Like in 2022?

We have to ask ourselves what will the world be like in 2022 and how will it affect our emotions and well-being? We’re seeing that the world is returning to some sense of normalcy, but with that comes a lot of insecurity about the state of our health and a fear of being prepared for new health issues we’ll need to face in the future. The best way to tackle this is to empower ourselves to access accurate and informed information about our bodies.

What Role Will Technology Play?

The second question we need to ask ourselves is how will technology change the way we feel, both mentally and physically? Technology has played a significant role in our lives over the last several years. Positively, it has helped many of us maintain jobs and stability by offering remote and hybrid work environments. Less positively, it has helped spread tons of unhelpful and toxic information. Technology is a double-edged sword, but it gives us the autonomy to search for ways to empower ourselves with information both about the world around us and what’s going on inside of our bodies.

What New Therapies or Services Can Consumers Seek Out?

By now, you’re probably wondering what new therapies or treatments will be available to help us feel our best selves in 2022. For years, we have had access to various health-based apps that track our steps, heart rate, and other internal functions to help understand what kind of exercise or care our bodies need. But, in 2022, this technology is reaching a new level. Vessel Health is dedicated to empowering individuals with real, accurate information about their bodies and what’s going inside them. It works like this: through their convenient subscription service, they provide at-home urine test strips that test for several common ailments, vitamin levels, and overall health. These tests are accurate, fast, and highly convenient in place of going to a doctor’s office and paying expensive co-pays to get simple testing done. Vessel Health is sure to be the number one way individuals test themselves at home in 2022 for a better and more empowered understanding of their health and how to care for it.

How Does at Home Testing Help Empower Individuals?

These tests aren’t necessarily designed to diagnose a severe illness, you should always seek out medical attention when necessary. However, these tests do a fantastic job at delivering authentic and accurate metrics on your nutrition, hydration and stress levels to help you feel better about keeping track of your health and help you care for common ailments yourself. In addition, this can help you make adjustments to your diet. For example, let’s say you’ve always known that something you eat regularly makes you feel not-so-amazing. This app can help you determine what foods are making you feel worse, and what to include in your diet to make you feel better. It can also help you understand what vitamins you need to supplement. This is something that many people don’t pay as much attention to, and many don’t even know they have a deficiency! This can help you understand what supplements to include in your daily routine as well.

What Can We Do in The Short Term?

In the short term, individuals should be paying attention to how they feel on a daily basis. Keeping a ‘wellness journal’ is a great way to keep real-time track of how your body fluctuates on a daily basis. This can help you feel more prepared on your own even before exploring these at-home testing options. The key ingredient to feeling great in 2022 is our ability to keep track of and take action over the ways our body doesn’t feel like it’s performing at its best. These tools can help, but the best thing to do is make sure you have a solid understanding of your own habits, your strengths, and weaknesses so that when you start a new regime or begin using a new health tool, you know what you’re looking to find ahead of time.

Each day, the way we feel can reflect what we put into our bodies and how much sleep we get. Tracking your daily moods will give you insights about yourself that you may not have been able to see before, like the importance of eating more vegetables or getting enough exercise. In 2022, many people will likely start using technology and apps designed to help them track their body functions to take actionable steps towards feeling better based on this information. If you want to stay healthy in the future but don’t know where to start, try tracking how your body feels day to day and consider picking up some at-home testing kits to help you gain a fuller understanding of your body functions and how to take care of it in the future. Then, you won’t regret taking your health into your own hands!