List of Negative Calorie Foods Provide Easy Weight Loss for Teens

Lose 20 Pounds: Fast Weight Loss Diets Based on Negative Calorie Food Choices

One of the well recognized quick weight loss programs that you can find online is based on eating negative calorie foods.

This program has been a popular one since 1997, and is used all around the world to help people lose up to 14 pounds in 7 days. The basis of the negative calorie diet is to eat foods that cause physical and chemical changes in your digestive system by breaking down food and efficiently processing all the foods you consume and calories are burned in a day.

By freely following their list of negative calorie foods you will experience what is termed as “massive weight loss.” And this program comes with a list of 100 negative calorie food choices.

Kiwi, and strawberries are two examples on the negative calorie food list, plus there are many others that you can easily incorporate into your diet. And since you can eat as much of these foods there is no starving, and your cravings will subside as you burn body fat and drop weight.

Some people have reported losing as much as 14 pounds in just 7 days. Others experience a little slower weight loss. You may think fasting is a “lose weight fast diet” but it actually isn’t and causes your body to go into a holding pattern. When you eat these healthy foods rather than starving yourself, the average weight loss is one pound a day with these negative calorie foods.

On top of a list of foods, you also learn about the benfits of breathing to burn fat, and learn some simple exercises that are optimal to accelerate this program. After you reach your target weight you will have the resources to maintain your weight, too.

This program comes complete with recipes, a workbook, and many other helpful resources to get fit, be happy, and have a body you love. It also can be a program that can provide easy weight loss for teens because many of the foods they can grab on the go.

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