Revolutionary “Diamond Alignment” Sacred Technology Offers Divine Medicine for Our Times

These are disquieting times. The terra is no longer firma and the winds of change are buffeting people about, leaving many feeling disoriented, off balance and out of whack.

Faced with demoralizing issues ranging from recession and the rising price of food and oil to terrorism and war has left many feel drained, overwhelmed, and helpless.

In an article for The Guardian, U.K., Jeremy Rifkin writes: “Stress related diseases, including depression, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are rising so quickly, say some observers that stress may become the leading cause of disease.” We are in a crisis situation that threatens to escalate, with more and more people resorting to drugs to ease their depression and confusion.

Humanity is at a turning point: we live in a world that is more alive with possibility than ever before in history, yet it is easy to get lost in the confusion and chaos of such an accelerated time. We must ask ourselves, “How do we maintain the integrity of our Authentic Self in the midst of this confusion and chaos which threatens to undermine the Truth of who we are?”

Photo of Jacqueline JoyJacqueline Joy, founder of Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology for the 21st century, thinks that Divine Intervention is the answer and has provided a solution: a revolutionary new online phenomenon that she calls the Diamond Alignment Experience. The Diamond Alignment Experience is an exclusive multi-sensory online energy experience that clears the mind, relaxes the body, focuses energy, and creates a sense of Inner Peace in only six minutes.

Diamond Alignment takes self-help to the quantum level. It doesn’t require years of study, a highly developed meditation practice, costly psychoanalysis or traveling the world to sit at the feet of a guru. It asks only six minutes of one’s time in front of the computer to experience a marked shift in one’s consciousness.

“When we’re in crisis or knee-deep in the demands of the external world, we often don’t have the wherewithal to focus the mind and bring in the Divine Intervention we need to immediately respond to the situation,” says Joy. “By delivering a direct transmission of high-frequency Spiritual Energy via the Internet, the Diamond Alignment Experience addresses this immediate need for Spiritual connection.”

Logo“Logging on to the Diamond Alignment Experience is the most direct way to tap into your Inner Wisdom quickly, with no effort on your part. Whenever you get taken down by the wave of life’s challenges, the Diamond Energy Transmission will bring you back to center and realign you with your Higher Consciousness. From this Alignment, you recognize that you are larger than your circumstances and have the courage to take inspired action.”

With consistent use, Diamond Alignment gives you the power to hold your Vertical Alignment and to move beyond just surviving to thriving while fully engaging in our fast-paced, demanding world. In its short exposure online, Diamond Joy and Equanimity are spreading across the globe, with Diamond Alignment subscribers representing over 50 countries and every continent. A tremendous variety of powerful results are being reported, including: experiencing inner joy and aliveness, clearing of limiting thoughts and patterns, opening of the Heart, feeling increased energy in the body, awakening of passion and purpose, and the ability to handle life in a more empowered way.

The Diamond Alignment Experience and the free two-minute preview is accessible via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by paid subscription.

To see the founder, Jacqueline Joy answer questions on Diamond Alignment, visit the media center.