Dr. Leia Reports on High Blood Sugar Effects and Symptoms

Dr. Leia Addresses High Blood Sugar Effects and Symptoms – Find
Natural Diabetic Supplements

Question for Dr. Leia: What are high blood sugar effects?

It seems my blood sugar drops
at times during the day and I am wondering if I am assessing high blood sugar symptoms, or if I am hyperglycemic.

you tell me the difference, as I worry sometimes I might be a candidate for Diabetes. Thanks Sally.

Dr. Leia’s Answer: Dear Sally, thank you for asking such an important question. Hypoglycemia
or low blood sugar, and maturity onset diabetes is a very common disease process in our westernized modern culture

You didn’t say how old your were, and whether one of your parents or any other immediate relative has diabetes.
If you are over 40, overweight, and one parent has diabetes, then you could be at higher than average risk for
getting diabetes. Genetics or heredity, and lifestyle, including the type of diet and food which you eat, and your
exercise level are all important in determining your risk for diabetes. Usually, hypoglycemia or low blood sugar
can precede the onset of diabetes. So, it is important to know the warning signs and symptoms.

Here are some symptoms of low blood sugar: skipping meals, inner shakiness or trembling before eating, after which
eating (especially sweets or fruit juice or sugar laden foods) will immediately alleviate the shakiness, a Dr. Jekyll
and Mr. Hyde personality, irritability when hungry, emotional ups and downs, dizziness, headaches, heart palpitations
or heart racing, mental fogginess, fatigue, insomnia, craving and ingestion of excess sweets, long intervals between
eating (greater than 5-6 hours), always dieting, or eating junk or fast foods and poor dietary habits, and in severe
cases, coma.

Now here are some symptoms of high blood sugar effects or diabetes: excessive thirst, increased urination, unusual
weight gain or loss, increased or constant hunger, fatigue, irritability, vaginal yeast infections in women, poor
wound healing, or blurred vision and mental fogginess, insomnia, emotional or mental stupor, and in severe cases

As you can see, some of the symptoms overlap, so it is important to ask your doctor for a blood test to check for
low blood sugar or diabetes. The first test your doctor might order is to determine your fasting blood sugar level.
Blood is usually drawn first thing in the morning, before breakfast, after a 12 hour period of not eating any food.
Just water is allowed. If this test is elevated, then it might indicate that you have high blood sugar symptoms.
Further blood testing including a glucose tolerance test or a two hour after eating test, or a glycosolated hemoglobin
test might be needed to rule out hypoglycemia from diabetes.

By Dr. Leia Melead

Natural Diabetic Supplements

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