What is DHEA? Learn About Dangers of DHEA and Safe Doses for Men and Women

DHEA Health Benefits: The Naturally Created Steroid in the Adrenal
Gland, Helps Protect Aging

What is DHEA? Is it safe, and what considerations should I have before I supplement with DHEA?

Dhea has received attention as a health supplement due to the fact that levels are known to fall precipitously with
age. It is is actually the most abundant steroid in the bloodstream.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (pronounced dee-hi-dro-epp-ee-ann-dro-stehr-own), is a naturally occurring steroid hormone
which is produced in the adrenal gland.

Dhea is known to be a precursor to the numerous steroid sex hormones (including estrogen and testosterone) which
serve well-known functions. Although the specific mechanisms of action for Dhea are only partially understood, supplemental
use of Cellfood Dhea has been shown to have anti-aging, anti-obesity and anti-cancer influences. In addition, it
is known to stabilize nerve-cell growth and is being tested in Alzheimer’s patients.

You will read a lot of information on Dhea and find a great deal of Dhea supplements on the market today, to choose
from. Dosages range from 25 mg to 145 mg and more.

There are a few very important considerations before you start on a Dhea regimen.

These comments are based on my own study and research but are not to be construed as medical advice. You should
always follow the instructions of your chosen healthcare provider. If you don’t feel good about that advice, then
maybe it’s time to find another advisor. Neither is this information intended as any substitute for needed medical

Ok, now, my two cents worth on Dhea. The general consensus I get from sources I trust is that women should not take
over 25 mg of Dhea per day if they have a history of cancer in their families. I’m much more conservative. I wouldn’t
ever take over 10 mg myself, as a woman whether I had a history of cancer or not.

The general consensus about men taking Dhea is that the recommended general dose is 50 mg. I see supplements that
have far more than that but, because I’m not a man, I don’t know whether that is safe or not. To be on the safe side,
whether male or female, I’d ask my doctor about dosage if there was any history of cancer in the family line.

Another factor that may suggest low dosages or not taking Dhea at all is if a woman is taking pregnenolone, sometimes
misspelled as pregnalone. Pregnenolone works as a precurser to other hormones including Dhea and may increase Dhea
levels, as well as progesterone levels. So, if I were taking pregnenolone, I’d be sure to ask my doctor about possible
over-production of Dhea.

DHEA General Information

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Dhea is a hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands, and is the base from which other key substances such as
the hormones testosterone, progesterone, and corticosterone can be derived. Dhea is actually an intermediate in the
biosynthesis of testosterone and estrogen taking place in the adrenal glands. As we age, the levels of certain hormones
decline, especially dehyroepiandrosterone or Dhea. It begins to decline after the age of 30 with about a 50% decline
by the age of 40 and about 85% decline by the age of 70.

DHEA Uses & Scientific Evidence

Taking Dhea supplements can help prevent cancer, arterial disease, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease,
and may be of benefit for those with lupus and osteoporosis. Dhea helps boost the immune system and enhances memory
as well. In clinical trials on genetically obese and normal animals, Dhea demonstrated anti-obesity (fat reducing)
properties, and serum cholesterol reducing actions.

DHEA Dosage Information

It is best to read and follow product label directions before taking Dhea in your daily diet. 7-Keto
Dhea is a derivative of Dhea that is not converted into estrogen or testosterone, and is good for women concerned
about breast cancer, and for men concerned with prostate cancer. 7-Keto Dhea is a very good alternative to Dhea
that offers the same benefits. For best results, it is beneficial to supplement with vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium
to help prevent damage to the liver.

It is wise to have a hormone test done to determine your DHEA levels and if low supplement with a very lose dose DHEA as recommended by your naturopathic doctor.

Dhea Safety & Interaction Information: If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult
your health care practitioner before taking this product. Laboratory studies have shown that high doses may cause
liver damage. Women may experience excess facial hair growth, which may be avoided by starting with lower daily doses.

Antiaging and DHEA

While a person at age 20 will produce about 30 mg of Dhea, the body’s production of Dhea drops to less than 6 mg
per day at age 80. According to Dr. William Regelson of the Medical College of Virginia, Dhea is “one of the
best biochemical bio-markers for chronologic age.” In some people, Dhea levels decline 95% during their lifetime
– the largest decline of an important biochemical yet documented.