Detoxification and the Healing Crisis – The Why and How of Safely Detox

You probably need to detox now. Any alternative health practitioner will recommend body detoxification are one of the most consistent practices to address most any physical challenge a person may be addressing. Most people will benefit as they detoxify the body systems.

When an individual has serious condition, or is elderly, serious conditions may benefit but they should do a cleanse under supervision of a health care provider. A gentle cleanse will work well. When people understand why they should have a regular cleanse and do a thorough detoxification is will help all their body systems work better. However, most people just are not aware of how many factors can create a toxic state in the body.On of the least understood which can lead to toxic body conditions is stress. It is a health risk that is prevalent and can lead to a toxic colon. As a person hold tension that is unnatural in their body for extended periods of time this causes negative side effects which are felt throughout every system in the body. This is why is is wise to do a cleanse to improve your health. As you detoxify your body it helps the mind and emotions as well

Mentally, we probably do more damage to our systems over time than we can even imagine when we analyze life to death and have to have all the answers all the time. It takes the joy out of life and it zaps our ability to be present in the NOW, which all master paths of wisdom indicate is where we can best live. The past is gone and the future may never come, but when we spend our time in those places, and use up our gray matter trying to fix or change one or the other, our bodies suffer physically. Energy that could be devoted to healing and regenerating is used up in mental and emotional stress processes. Let us assure you that unless you can detox your mind and emotions, any physical detoxification system you follow or supplement you use will produce less than optimal results.

Detox Recommendation

Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit: 7 Organ Cleansing Formulas

This kit has seven formulas dedicated to the body’s natural organs of elimination. These formulas are systematically taken over the course of 21 days in a 4 step program, which include the following:

  1. Colon and Digestive System
  2. Liver and Gallbladder and Parasite Elimination
  3. Lungs, Kidney,and Bladder
  4. Lymph, Blood, and Skin

Do You Have Parasites?

Oh, boy, do we dislike the idea of worms or flukes! We know we’re not alone. Please continue down this page for information on parasites and learn the unwelcome symptoms of pinworms, tapeworms, threadworms, hookworms, and more. We’ve also gathered some excellent detox resources for learning more about cleansing, and have included our personal recommendation of detox formulas.

When you get symptoms of parasites you can feel anything from diarrhea to nausea or even vomiting and abdominal pain. Severe symptoms can include malnutrition and weight loss. The symptoms of parasites will differ depending upon the type of parasite and the severity. Some individuals will not detect the presence of the worms because they will not develop any apparent symptoms. If they look in their stool they may see evidence.

Since each parasite has its own symptoms the following descriptions relate to each of the different common parasite infestations:

  • Tapeworms: May cause abdominal pain, weight loss, diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Pinworms: These worms tend to migrate at night out of the anus to lay their eggs. You may get symptoms of itching along with restlessness.
  • Hookworms: The bottom of the feet may itch. A person may develop a fever, rash, bloody spit, and loss of appetite are possibilities.
  • Threadworms: Diarrhea, gas, coughing, itchy red abrasions on the anus, and abdominal pain are all possible symptoms.
  • Microscopic Roundworms: Cardio and neuro systems may succumb to complications and these parasites and can even cause trichinosis which can lead to muscle damage.
  • Ascarids: These parasites can cause the body to bloat, while leading to stomach pain, shortness of breath and also vomiting.

Any good total body cleanse will include formulas for effective parasite elimination. However, if you are just cleansing one system of the body, you may not get a parasite cleanse. We do a parasite
cleanse at least once a year, usually in the spring. This is in addition to regular cleansing maintenance that we do throughout the year. Again, we’ve found Blessed Herbs to be the best product available.

Ultra Colon Cleanse Kit

Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit: About Mucoid Plaque – As a result of one’s unhealthy diet (and even the healthiest are not perfect), the body forms a hard, rubber like lining throughout the walls
of the intestines. Over time, this begins to take its toll on one’s health.

To read a personal experience, click The Colon Cleanse Kit.

Why Should You Cleanse the Colon?

If you decide to do a good body cleanse first begin by addressing the accumulated wastes in your colon. This is a most beneficial practice because you help to eliminate the build up of waste and toxins that linger in this last last portion of your food processing chain. Yes, you can cleanse other body systems like your lungs, liver, and kidneys without doing a colon cleanse first. But if you want to achieve more effective results that are more long term then start by doing a colon cleanse first. Since the colon is the last in line, by cleansing it first then you facilitate the cleanse of all other systems because you will not be recycling toxins back into the body where it accumulates in your organs.

To learn more, click Learn About Colon Cleansing with Herbs.

Detoxification and the Healing Crisis – How to Detox Safely

Detox and Weight Loss – When we tell people to detox with rapid weight loss diets, they often do not understand how this could help. Think about it. If your colon, liver, spleen, kidneys and blood are toxic, how can your body perform any function it has to perform, including the proper utilization of nutrients from food and the proper elimination of toxins from the colon and kidneys? Did you know that some post-mortem examinations have shown that people can have up to five pounds of old waste in the colon? Almost unbelievable, but true. So detoxing helps the body eliminate better and handle nutrients better. For that reason, we often suggest that the first step toward healthy weight loss is a good detox.

Detoxing and Your Skin

Detoxification can lead to temporary problems with blemishes and outbreaks as your skin helps eliminate wastes. You can minimize this problem by drinking more water, taking frequent showers, and use of a good skin care regimen. One you may like is also good for very sensitive skin. Sometimes even the most expensive creams and cleansers can cause breakout. Here is one that can help your skin stay looking fresh and dewy.

To learn more, click Natural Skin Care System

If skin problems are an issue during detoxing, or if you have had problems finding a natural skin care regimen that worked well for you this one may be the solution.

Detoxing Effects of Infrared Saunas: When you use Infrared technology you can help to detoxify your body as the heat aids in removing the accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals. Other benefits are the removal of sodium and cholesterol, and the accumulation of alcohol and nicotine, too. Take a day from exercise and get the same result while the infrared heat helps to make you slimmer. Along with your sauna you can read a book, or mediate to meditation music in a infrared Sauna.

Native Remedies Detox Drops: This unique natural remedy gives the body the boost it needs. Detox Drops help to detoxify and cleanse your body by helping to rejuvenate your liver function while also eliminating the bloated body symptoms. You will feel your body coming back to life. Detox Drops may also help with weight loss as you take the drops you will notice an improvement in your body’s ability to detoxify, eliminate and break down fat. This specially created product is a blend of Western herbal medicine along with African herbalism.

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