Dental Tourism in Thailand, Philippines, Hungary, Mexico & India

The world economic crisis moved people to look for more ways to save money, especially when it comes to their dental needs. New habits were established – and even now, as economies recover, people still travel for medical reasons.

Dental tourism has already proved itself to be one of the best solutions for this purpose. (Suggested site: you may want to book your accommodation abroad with before travelling) 

It’s easy, accessible, and interesting for most persons. There are some leading countries who have already shown their efficiency in this emerging field.

Emerging Developing Countries

Dental tourism is a subset of the medical tourism, when a person travels abroad to have the necessary dental treatment. Usually, developing countries are being chosen. They are cheaper and the quality of service is high. In fact, saving money is the main purpose. 95% of persons who take advantage of dental tourism have confirmed this. However, when it comes to choosing which clinic to visit, quality still remains first.

Dental Tourist OfficeDental tourism can help you save from 30% to 70% on dental treatment. The final result depends on the country you choose and the quantity of work that is going to be done. It’s simple: the more teeth you are going to treat, the more money you are going to save, especially when you don’t have dental insurance.

About 50% of the American population does not have dental insurance and that reflects on the population’s dental health. That’s another reason people look for alternative methods of tooth treatment, considering that U.S. clinics are too expensive. Besides, it’s a perfect occasion to travel and see the world. Some dental tourism destinations, like the Philippines or Thailand, are really beautiful countries.

Thailand Dental Tourism

Countries that proved to be the best dental tourism destinations have their own value propositions. Thailand, for example, has recently become the most popular country for dental tourism in Asia. Thailand assures its dental treatment system is better then in the UK. As a proof, Thailand maintains its high standards, keeps dental hospitals and clinics with only bilingual staff, and creates great opportunities for relaxing after the treatment procedures.

Medical Tourism India

India is well known for its clinics in Chandigarh, Chennai, and in New Delhi. All of them have well trained personnel, the latest technology systems, and world class facilities. If you are an international patient then you’ll be offered a special travel package designed for your unique dental needs.

Hungary Dental Tourism

Budapest Hungary Dental ResourcesWhen considering Europe, it’s wise to choose Hungary as the dental tourism destination. Budapest has already become a world leader. This country has a large number of highly trained and experienced dentists. All types of treatment are being offered there, from periodontology to implantology. Prices are 50% less than those in the UK. Even the airlines travel costs into Budapest are significantly lower.

Another country perfect for dental tourism is the Philippines. It is the third largest English speaking country in the world, so you won’t have problems with the language. Besides the excellent savings that can be made, the Philippines are well known for their beautiful nature, so that you might forget that you came there to treat your teeth.

Dental Tourism in Mexico

Those in the U.S. who do not like traveling far distances can enjoy Mexico. Its dental clinics offer the best quality services such as laser and biological dentistry. Some dentists even offer hard to find holistic dental procedures such as ozone dental therapy. Many of the dentists travel around the world to dental schools to receive advanced education.

High Satisfaction Ratings

The satisfaction rating among people who practiced dental tourism is about 84%. The cost saving is about 60%, or $6,400 per treatment. But even if money is not a problem for you, then consider dental tourism time as a holiday and enjoy the adventure.

Travel safety and medical tourism:

Whilst medical tourism is booming across the world, you have to be sensible about planning your travel: Marie Hernandez, a well known travel writer shares a few valuable tips on travel safety which you should consider before your next trip.