Delayed Pressure Urticaria Treatment and Cures


I have suffered from delayed pressure urticaria for last three years.

No one can explain why or how I got it (no family history).

I figure it came about from war zone inoculations. It’s a quality of life issue now, as I can no longer golf, workout, run, or wear any clothing that is too tight. Medical people just want to throw pills at symptoms. I’m looking for something to cure. Can you suggest anything?

Dr. Leia’s Answer

Dear Robert,

Delayed pressure urticaria is a form of hives or swelling, edema or redness of the skin due to some form of pressure exerted upon the skin. Other than allergies, it is not known what causes this more persistent and severe type of urticaria. Most doctors find this condition difficult to treat.

Toxic PollutionConsidering that you were in the war zone and were exposed to lots of toxins in both the atmosphere and through inoculations, you might be having a reaction to toxic pollution and exposure. So the holistic approach would be to find out what toxins are present in your body, and then do a detoxification protocol specifically designed to remove those substances. There are several methods of testing for toxic substances in the body:

  1. Hair mineral analysis to test for toxic metals present in the body tissue stores.
  2. Urinary challenge tests for heavy metals and other organo-substances.
  3. Oxidative stress and antioxidant testing.
  4. Organo-chemical and petro-chemical testing.
  5. Liver function and detoxification testing.

If you live in an area where naturopathic doctors are present, these doctors can order the above tests for you, interpret them, and then develop a protocol for your particular situation. Sometimes other alternative health and nutritional practitioners may also have a working knowledge of these tests.

Products to Detoxify the BodyIf it is not possible for you to visit one of these practitioners, I would recommend that you seek out body detoxification products which will help you to cleanse and detox the body, especially the liver, then after your cleansing regimen use antioxidants and immune builders to restore health and vitality to the body. You might also want to seek out an acupuncturist who may be able to assist you in balancing your body’s energy, increase your circulation, and strengthen your immune system.

Best regards in your endeavors.