Deciphering Food Allergies and Additives

Woman Embracing Healthy Food Choices

Years ago, a slew of eating plans encouraging people to weed gluten out of their diet emerged. As the trend caught on, people reported better health and weight loss, but some critics questioned whether it could be attributed to a lack of gluten. Numerous similar fads have capitalized on the same concept— that removing certain ingredients or additives from your diet may be the key to better living. Scientists differ in their response but often suggest that this is unnecessary unless you have a specific food allergy. However, proponents of clean food will report that its benefits reach far past people with food allergies, and can offer an improved diet to anybody who is looking to eat healthier. Whether you’re battling celiac disease or simply trying to remove harmful additives from the food you eat, natural and organic foods can help you accomplish your goals.

Identify Ingredients To Avoid

The aforementioned gluten-free hype peaked years ago, but it helped many people recognize their symptoms and treat their gluten insensitivity. If you experience fatigue, headaches, an upset stomach and other similar symptoms, you too may be reacting to an irritant in your diet. Gradually making the switch to clean foods can help you identify potential culprits and remove them. Recognizing the growing number of consumers who are taking this approach, San Francisco food startup Hampton Creek recently expanded their Just range of foods to include new organic and natural items for healthy everyday eating.

Trust Your Gut

Food allergies apart, you can typically tell whether or not your body reacts well to a food. You’re intuitive enough to judge what’s good and bad, regardless of what might be in the food you’re eating. There’s nothing wrong with trusting your literally gut when it comes to deciding what’s right for your diet and what isn’t. It isn’t uncommon to hear accounts of foods and ingredients causing sickness and then have those accounts confirmed by studies that have discovered their detrimental effects. If you react poorly to certain foods, don’t hesitate to cut them out of your diet.

Consider What Diet You Need

There are, of course, many people whose food requirements are a matter of survival rather than dietary improvement. If you have a food allergy, such as celiac disease, it’s necessary to remove gluten from your diet entirely. A health care professional can provide a diagnosis followed by a detailed eating advice, but many people find they are able to live normally simply by removing gluten. There are plenty of food companies who have emerged to satisfy this demand and provide deliciously healthy gluten-free fare. Hampton Creek has made waves with gluten-free options with emphasized taste, accessibility and affordability for all.

Make Sustainable Changes

Most people could benefit from positive changes to their diet as they consume shocking amounts of processed food. Shifting to a more natural diet is an unquestionably beneficial change for any person with or without food sensitivities. Replacing processed foods with natural ones is ones of the best moves you can make for your overall health and wellness. You don’t need to have allergies to know that too much sugar, excessive preservatives and GMOs are taking a toll on your body. Clean eating offers an alternative that puts your body’s needs first through a sustainable diet.

Find The Diet That Works for You

Many people cycle through fad diets and eating trends like there’s no tomorrow, only to find that a clean and simple diet is what their body needed all along. This realization can be bittersweet, considering the time spent on other diets, but there’s freedom in finally finding the wellness you’ve been craving. Whether you’re looking for foods compatible with a food allergy or seeking ways to weed out harmful additives, beginning with basics is your best bet. With simple foods, you can find what works for you and grab hold of your body’s potential without the weight of processed foods. You owe it to yourself to find the foods that empower you to be your best self. Unlocking the energy and clarity that comes with wellness can make all the difference in your day-to-day life. Your body responds to nourishment, and with the right diet, you can provide it with the sustenance you need to perform. Don’t waste time on foods that will bog you down when you can enjoy the energy of truly clean eating.