Debunking the Dr. Weil myth? Ketogenic dietary revolution

For some time I have been a loyal supporter of theorists such as Dr.Weil and others who advocate a certain route to an anti-inflammatory diet as a means to avoid heart disease and a plethora of other illnesses, including Alzheimer disease and Dementia – all which are degenerative and due to inflammation. However I now think that the Western medicine system with all it’s flaws, have alerted us to the extent that we changed our consumption habits in such a way that Doctors specializing in Cardiac and Diabetic care are the main benefactors alongside the pharma giants and it is time to rethink some fundamentals. It is therefore that the 6-in-1 guaranteed weight loss program has become quite popular: Not only because most people lose more than 10 pounds, but also due to the overall health improvements and the fact that they look and feel younger as a result.

Low carb – High Fat diets have been revisited lately…

..and if the assertions are correct, we have been led down the wrong path for several years now…

In an informal discussion at the Gym, I asked Dr. Mark Mitchelson’s opinion and this is what he said:

“Tim Noakes is basically saying that there is no ideal universal diet for all genetic types. (i agree with this) since we are all many individual dice roll genetic freaks, because there is no god then you have to find out what works for you. (“one mans meat is another mans poison”)the type of diet this guy proposes will basically make you lean and hence insulin receptor sensitivity will improve markedly, thus diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure is reduced markedly, where most people can stop medication for diabetes ect. (the drug companies do not like this sort of stuff!!) I have currently substituted my normal salad sandwich with some macadamia or cashew nuts plus an equal share of gojii berries and i have lost 4 kg of fat tissue and my body weight is 102 kg.”

Now anyone who pursued a diet consisting of low fat and high carbohydrates, will find this information to be shocking – I did too, however the proof is in the statistics and real life cases such as Tim Noakes. Besides: The Atkins diet has worked for many people. The issue at stake is that these diets have to be followed with somewhat of a precise approach, if not, there are risks. One of the biggest perhaps is increasing fat without reducing sugar. Off course Tim Noakes put forward some interesting arguments, which is that sugar is what causes heart attacks, cancer and other diseases and that fats are actually good for you when sugar is absent. There are even those who fight cancer with a ketogenic diet and also those who use it to combat diabetes.

Over the next few weeks we will update our readers on this new lifestyle, for now there are a few critical points to consider:

1. Lower carb intake is essential when fat intake is increased:

Steering clear of any refined carbs and limiting the total carbohydrate intake to 50 grams per day is important. You would be looking at things like raspberries, blackberries, spinach and broccoli rather than bread, wheat and other carbs.

2. Protein is increased over carbs – but FAT is still the most important source:

Eating good fats is what enables a ketogenic diet. Switching to ketosis as opposed to glycolysis is the ultimate aim of this diet. You may think that feeling weaker in the first few days is due to the lack of sugar and too much fat and will make you a weaker person, but remember: Lions and Cheetah’s are some of the stronger species which uses incredible amounts of energy from a fatty meaty diet, in order to take down prey twice their own size. Many argue that what we experience during the switch-over period is an addiction to sugar which manifests itself. As addicted as the body can be to smoking, that is also the case for sugar.

3. Fat gives you energy, not sugar:

Sugar provides short bursts of energy, after which it works its way out pretty swiftly, thus you are likely to experience more “highs” and “lows” when relying on sugar/carb diets. This means, that if you eat Banana’s with honey and oatmeal, you will leave home more energetic than when you eat bacon and eggs, but pretty soon, will lose your energy levels.

It is claimed that the drug companies make an astronomical fortune by treating all the related diseases, which results from sugar/carbs. It  is just like oil and wars: We do not need them, but it is considered necessary evils by corporations which profits from it. Could this be the case for the pharmaceutical industry too? How much do cardiologists and cancer specialists make in the USA through private healthcare?

More proof about the Ketogenic Diet:

Turning to the facts and considering confirmed research is much better than hearsay, besides, your health is the most important thing in your life.

We will discuss more and look forward to your feedback on this.