Guest Article on Spiritual Responsibility from Dalton Roberts

On Spiritual Responsibility: You are Not Responsible – By Dalton

My friend Virginia Guffin was a Christian Science practitioner and a fine writer. In one of her writings she said, “Sometimes
people with hearts full of love feel so responsible for a child or a spouse or a parent or a friend that the burden
becomes almost more than they can bear.”

She went on to tell how deeply distressed she became over a family member. She was obsessed with her welfare and
felt totally responsible.

A friend in her personal spiritual support group, and we all have our own, told her she was confusing love with
worry. She told her only God is responsible for our loved ones and the sin of worry can never contribute to a good

In this or a million other areas of life where we inject the negative energy of our worry, we are reducing the chances
of positive outcomes. Worry is a manifestation of fear and all fear is the opposite of faith. Faith is the steadfast
attitude that a challenge can be met and manifests in specific actions, not in stewing, fretful reactions.

Never describe your worry as love. Un-See that connection and re-see love as creative action of some kind designed
to improve the situation. Clearly see it is an impediment to a solution that can be erased from the blackboard of
your mind and erase it. Right where you erase it, replace it with even a single step you are taking in faith.

Faith is not the making of ignorant assumptions. It is the careful crafting of the highest possible ideals to which
we can clearly commit ourselves.

This article copyright, Dalton Roberts

Dalton Roberts is a singer and songwriter and an excellent musician. He has a great sense of humor which shines in his writings. As an entertainer his poetry, and philosophical nature offers wonderful spiritual insights.
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