Curious About Laser Removal? Discover Everything You Need to Know

Sun’s out, and the skin’s out! The desire to uncover your skin from underneath its heavy winter clothes comes with the warmer weather. We all want that (SPF protected) sunkissed glow. There’s a kind of freedom in baring our skin once the sun begins to shine, and it reminds us of happy memories of spring and summers past. But just as many of us get excited to dress in our warm weather clothing after it has long been packed away, many of us don’t like to show body hair when we bare our skin.

You might be someone who draws freedom and power from letting your body hair grow, or someone who wants to be silky smooth and hairless everywhere—or you could be residing at a point in the middle, preferring to remove hair from certain areas during certain seasons. Regardless of your body hair preferences, there’s probably a time when you want to up your skin’s smoothness game and get rid of stubble; the best method is through at home laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is safe and highly sought after. Salon treatments are incredibly popular, but they can be costly—especially considering that hair removal requires multiple sessions to provide results. Let’s dive into the details of laser hair removal, including effects, safety risks, and cost comparisons for at-home laser hair removal versus salon treatments.

An Overview on Laser Hair Removal

Anyone can reduce the speed and thickness of their hair growth, although it’s recommended to wait until at least 14 years of age. As long as you have hair growth, you can take measures to reduce the speed and sight of body hair.

Laser hair removal moves a laser over the whole body or a specified area, so the length of time can vary. Forty-five minutes per routine treatment is pretty standard, though. To avoid harmful interactions, you’ll want to have the area hair-free before your appointment. Keeping your skin moisturized and out of the sun is crucial during your hair removal timeline, so be prepared to make a few changes to your routine.

At Home Costs Versus Salon Costs

Getting your hair removed through laser treatment at a salon will cost a pretty penny, especially since treatments are ongoing until you achieve the desired results. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the average laser hair removal expense per person in 2020 was $389.

We don’t want to put a price on smooth skin, but unfortunately, there is one. Fortunately, at-home laser hair removal is a great alternative that can save you a fortune. RoseSkinCo’s IPL Hair Removal Handset is our favorite choice because it’s a one-time purchase with raving reviews and no refills.

Will My Results Be Permanent?

Yes, hair removal results are permanent with laser treatments. Shaving and waxing alter your hair growth process, including the growth rate and potentially the coarseness of the hairs, but laser hair removal will permanently reduce the growth you experience. You might still see minimal growth at the end, but it will never be to the same degree as before the treatment. Your hair growth will also never speed up in that spot again.

Laser hair removal works by sending laser pulses of high-intensity light into the hair follicles; the heat from the laser damages the hairs so they can’t grow anymore.

Some hair locations feel pretty obvious to want hairless, but it’s wise to consider that hair removal, after consistently following treatments, will have permanent results. And while this may make you say Hallelujah!, make sure you consider your feelings into the future. For instance, it’s probably best not to take permanent hair removal steps on your eyebrows since trends in eyebrow shape and thickness change with time.

Are There Any Safety Risks with Laser Hair Removal?

Fortunately, hair removal is painless, so unlike some other cosmetic treatments, you don’t have to brace yourself for sore limbs. The process of laser hair removal has been widely studied and performed so that you can rest easy about its safety. However, as with any treatment, there are potential risks associated with the process.

Your skin may react, especially if you have sensitive skin, which could look like swelling, redness, itchiness, or irritation at hair removal. Pigment changes could also occur on darker skin tones, or if you don’t correctly, avoid sun exposure at your treatment.


The sunny spring and summer weather is great, but some of us are sent into a panic as we realize we’ve let our body hair grow for months under our heavy winter layers. If you feel it’s time to say goodbye to the unwanted hair and to never worry about it reappearing, at home, laser hair removal is the most cost-efficient method. So get ready to step into warm sunny weather with lighter layers and a natural glow free of stubble or hair.