Book Review: There Is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21-Day+ Program by Gabriel Cousens, MD with David Rainoshek

There Is a Cure for Diabetes, published by North Atlantic Books, presents a program addressing the pandemic of diabetes in the modern world and addresses one of the ways which can help manage severe diabetes and, in milder cases, even return blood sugar levels to normal. It cram a lot of information into the 86 plus pages.

The focus of this work by Dr. Cousens is that a diet based on vegan and raw food concepts can control blood sugar. Clearly, a lot of research went into the development of the background information and facts in this work. A lot of research also went into the development of recommended foods and how to convert to a raw foods diet.

Many Americans, really people world-wide, are at risk of developing diabetes due to their lifestyles and choices in foods. There Is a Cure for Diabetes can help anyone who might be at risk of developing diabetes due to lifestyle or heredity learn to understand how diabetes works and what lifestyle and dietary changes can help a person avoid the develop of the disease.

As any doctor will tell any diabetic, management of the disease is crucial for a long life, as well as to avoid very serious health problems resulting from diabetes. Diabetes, even when managed reasonably well, can affect eye sight, kidney function, and other organs. It is not a disease to mess around with and it is one that is impacted greatly by food. There Is a Cure for Diabetes is based on the fact that keeping insulin levels normal is the only way to prevent the onset of these sometimes tragic complications of diabetes.

Cure for Diabetes Book and Lesson PlanFoods which most impact insulin levels, either in the direction of good and bad, are clearly outlined in Dr. Cousens’ work. The idea behind the 21-plus day program is that it takes 21 days to form a habit. By following the clearly outlined program for a full three weeks, old eating patterns are less likely to return and new eating patterns, those which will help manage or cure diabetes, are formed.

Who should read the book There Is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21+ Day Program? Just about everyone! Any diabetic would clearly benefit greatly from reading this information and incorporating at least some of the recommended changes into their lives. Anyone who loves or lives with a diabetic should read it to help understand how to help their loved one. Anyone interested in developing a vegan or raw foods lifestyle will benefit greatly. And anyone with a family history of diabetes should definitely read this work by Gabriel Cousens, MD.