History of Crop Circles, Theories and Facts Behind Them

Crop Circle Theories – Is There A Message?

Since the year 1974 there have been thousands of mysterious appearances of crop circles in fields of grain in various places around the world. This has created a large following of people who are followers
of the crop circle phenomenon. They jump on a plane, or drive across the country to see the patterns found in the latest appearing circles.

Some feel the cirlces are generated by high vibrational types of frequencies. This could be one reason why people are so taken with this phenomenon and may travel such a long distance to experience one when they suddenly occur.

The crop circles esoterically,
whether man made or energetically are a creation of consciousness. The intricate patterns are essentially channeled much like that of sacred geometry. Perhaps many different energies come together and act as creative agents through which the manifestation of the message and energy causes these circles to appear in these amazing patterns.

Some crop circle theories explain how they offer a vibrational type of signature in their geometrical patterns of sacred geometry. They carry with them the transfer of subtle energies which are imprinted into the grains structure on a cellular level.

Many appear at night, and their designs are quite complex. When viewing a circle the stalks of grain are swirled to the ground without damage and they seem to have a mathematical type of precision that demonstrates the principles found in sacred geometr. They also portray ancient symbolism found in many religious orders.

The crop circle phenomenon fully emerged in the 80’s and around ten thousand crop circles have been recorded in over twenty-five countries around the world. England is a predominant location. Each year more appear and the intricacy of the designs seem to also evolve. Some feel they are skillfully created in the middle of the night, whereas others feel they are not made by man. Others, like author Freddy Silva who lives in Wessex in southern England has viewed over ninety percent of the world’s circles. He feels they are a bit of both.

In his book, “Secrets in The Fields,” Freddy takes us along with him on a field trip and we explore his firsthand account of crop circle mysteries. We get to explore scenes before and after they appear. In some accounts you get to explore fresh circles almost as they appear. We get to meet scientists and farmers, mystics and researchers, and hoaxers and debunkers.

Freddy provides a lot of insight in his book:

  • how to distinguish a hoaxed circle from a genuine one
  • what the magnetic field disturbances might mean
  • what time distortions observed at crop circles might mean
  • how sound, light and microwave energy may be involved
  • how a theory of music may account for their creation
  • what the circle images mean

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