Benefits of Colostrum Anti-Aging Proven for Immune System Support

Benefit of Bovine Colostrum as an Immune System Support Product

Bovine Colostrum contains the same disease resistance factors which are found in human breast milk and un-pasteurized
cow’s milk.

These wide variety of “immune factors” may be effective against various viruses, bacteria, yeast
and other invaders. As we grow older, our bodies find it more difficult to maintain vitality and through time we see increased signs of aging. This makes it more challenging for us to ward of illness and disease. Therefore, the benefit of colostrum to ward of disease and illness by supporting immune system response can help to keep us healthy.

Just through living a day to day life, the carcinogens we encounter through smoking, alcohol, pollution, toxins, and overuse
of antibiotics are contributers that break down our body’s immune system response. When that happens disease can set
in. Colostrum is really beneficial for most everyone and is becoming one of the well known immune system support

Even newborns can benefit from Colostrum, as it helps to restore the body’s ability to function properly.
Pets also do well with supplementation to help them achieve better health or stay healthy.

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experts concur that the majority of disease and illness gets it initial start in the gastrointestinal tract. Colostrum helps
inhibit the binding of pathogens to the bowel lining, so they are unable to proliferate.

As a dietary supplement you can take 1-3 tablets before meals as appropriate. However, you wouldn’t take more
than 6 tablets per day as that is not recommended. There are no dietary benefits associates with exceeding
the suggested dosage nor warrented side effects of colostrum.