Cold and Flu Prevention for Healthy Immune Support

Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Colds and Flu Prevention

When the Immune System is weakened our bodies are prone to common bacterial and viral infections.

Homeopathic remedies
are excellent immune system support products that have no side effects. Homeopathy works well for cold and flu
symptoms, too.

Some common natural remedies address:

  • influenza
  • colds
  • chronic fatigue
  • laryngitis
  • asthma
  • emphysema

Homeopathic remedies also address ailments such as:

  • bacillary dysentery
  • toxic radiation
  • chemical
    poisoning (and the defective elimination of such poisons), vaccinal poisonings
  • herpes simplex
    and zoster (shingles)
  • mononucleosis
  • lymphadenitis
  • anemia
  • typhoid and typhus fever
  • encephalitis
  • hepatitis
  • tuberculosis
  • pneumonia
  • septic blood
  • auto infections
  • subsequent diminution of the population
    of red blood cells

Homeopathics and Nutraceuticals can be very effective in rebuilding a weakened immune system. We have
grown to appreciate Vaxa’s Online Store for their advanced formulations.

What Is Virexin?

Vaxa’s Virexin is a Scientifically Advanced Immunological and Antioxidant Nutraceutical strategy
engineered to naturally support the function, and thereby the resistance, of the Immune System.

even stronger protection? You can create your own Flu Prevention Pac by ordering 1 bottle each of:

  • Immune-Aid+ (60 caps): An all-natural
    anti-bacterial formula to support the body’s resistance against disease, illness and poor health. Meeting the special
    dietary needs of bacterial infections and food poisoning.
  • Virexin (60 caps): Vaxa’s potent
    anti-viral formula to support the body’s resistance against extended periods of viral infections, chronic influenza,
    general colds and flu’s, chronic fatigue and other related problems.
  • Anti-Oxin+ (60 caps): all natural
    anti-oxidant formula to nutritionally aid in purging the system of toxins, free radicals and heavy metals.

More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.

Vaxa’s Flu Prevention Pac is formulated to provide nutritional support for the Immune System.

Please consider adding
this important program to your wellness regimen for better health and vitality for yourself and your family, even
through the notorious “flu season” which occurs every winter.