Cold and Flu Prevention with Homeopathic Antidotes

Homeopathic Antidotes and Cold and Flu Prevention Health Tips

Cold Vs. Flu – What’s The Difference?

The common cold and the more serious flu both have some similarities but it
is the differences you can watch for, that can help you speed recovery through quick treatment.

Some questions to ask:

Do you have a fever?

With a cold, you normally will not have a fever so one of the first things you can do is take your temperature,
or your child’s temperature, at the first sign of what seems to be a cold. If the thermometer registers between 102-104,
suspect the flu.

Do you have a headache?

With a cold, you probably won’t have much of one but with the flu, the headache
will be prominent. Of course, we’re talking about colds here and not sinus infections, which can cause headaches

How bad are your aches and pains?

With a cold, muscle aches and pains will be much more mild than with the flu,
generally speaking, so very strong muscle aches are another clue that you may be coming down with more than a cold
and you may need to make more aggressive treatment choices.

How exhausted do you feel?

Exhaustion is another sign
of the flu. With a cold you may just feel “a little
under the weather” but if you feel like you can’t get out of the bed, suspect the flu and assume you may need
to rest for a few days or call in sick. Pushing through exhaustion can mean making it even harder for your body to
bounce back from the flu bug. In general, the more severe the symptoms, the more you should take care of yourself.

sounds simple but so many of us just ignore the degree of misery we are feeling and assume it’s a cold and will pass
in a day or two. By paying closer attention the onset symptoms, and giving yourself a little TLC, can mean you actually
miss less work and family events than if you try to push through when it isn’t just a cold.

Do OTC’s work for the flu? What about OTC’s, or over the counter, products for cold and flu. Do they really help?

Well, yes and no. They help with symptom control, temporarily, which is often enough for the body to be able to
get rest. During restful sleep, the body has an almost miraculous ability to heal and rejuvenate but, during a
bad cold or flu, sleep can be almost impossible due to the sneezing, stopped up nose, aches and pains and other

What an OTC cannot do is address the cause of the cold or flu. In other words, an over the counter cold medication
is not effective against whatever virus caused your cold, and what is a virus anyway?

What is Laryngitis?

Laryngitis, a condition where a person temporarily loses their voice,
is caused by an inflammation to the vocal cords, located in the larynx of the throat.

There can be many causes but typically laryngitis occurs when there is an Over-Use of the voice. Singers are prone
to this condition, as are public speakers and cheerleaders.

Irritating chemicals can also cause laryngitis, such as being in Smoke-Filled areas for long periods of time or
around irritating chemicals at work. The symptoms include a sore throat, some difficulty in swallowing and a hoarse
voice. Sometimes, fever can also be present.

Symptom Relief Tips:

Gargling with good old salt water can help.

Staying out of cigarette smoke is a good idea and of course, one should not smoke with laryngitis.

Keeping the throat moist and soothed, by sucking on a cough drop or herbal candy helps, and so may drinking
hot teas with honey.

Rest the Voice – One significant thing that can assist the throat in healing more quickly is to limit the use
of the voice for a few days, even if it means taking off work.

These are a few of our personal cold and flu prevention tips

It is often thought we first catch most colds through the ears through airborne viruses. That’s why most
colds start with a scratchy throat and ear irritation. So, before going into any crowded place, try dabbing
an essential oil blend on both your ears, not going into the ear canal of course, but massaging the oil
around the earlobe and inside the outer ear area.

Also dab some oil on a tissue and sniff it throughout a walk through the mall, etc. Most essential oils
are antibacterial and many are antiviral as well.

What about all the germs on the shopping cart? Another thing you can do is always keep a little bottle of
hand sanitizer in your purse. You can easily swipe the shopping cart handles before you start shopping
in the grocery store or mall. Some grocery stores such as Ingles, has started providing sanitizing wipes
right there where you get your cart. Great idea.

Can Antibiotics Cure the Flu?

Many people mistakenly assume that, because the doctor so often prescribes antibiotics when they go to the
doctor with the flu, that the antibiotics have a direct impact on the flu itself.

It’s a reasonable assumption but incorrect. Antibiotics have no impact on viruses whatsoever. So why are
they so often prescribed? Personally, we think they are WAY over-prescribed for colds and flu.

A valid reason for prescribing an antibiotic is if there is a bacterial infection (such as an ear infection
or sinus infection) because antibiotics can impact bacteria. However, antibiotic resistance is a huge concern
and it is wise to consider taking antibiotics if natural antibiotics such as goldenseal or colloidal silver
did not work.

Vaxa’s Colds and Flu Prevention Nutraceuticals

What Is The Flu Prevention Pac? By usings a scientifically advanced Immunological and antioxidant nutraceutical strategy Vaxa has engineered a way to naturally support your body’s resistance to colds and flu viruses while boosting the Immune System.

When the Immune System is weakened it is prone to
common bacterial and viral infections and a host of other illnesses such as:

  • chronic fatigue
  • pneumonia
  • asthma and emphysema
  • laryngitis
  • chemical poisoning
  • bacillary dysentery
  • toxic radiation
  • vaccinal poisonings
  • zoster (shingles)
  • herpes simplex
  • anemia
  • mononucleosis and lymphadenitis,
  • hepatitis
  • typhoid and
    typhus fever
  • encephalitis
  • tuberculosis
  • septic blood and auto-Infections

Consider adding this important program to your wellness regimen for better health and
vitality for yourself and your family, even through the notorious “flu season” which occurs every winter.
Each Flu Prevention Pac contains one bottle each of:

Immune-Aid+ (60 caps) and Virexin and Anti-Oxin+

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