Healthy Colon Cleanse with Enzymes

Healing Your Body by Cleansing Two-Formula Cleanse with ReleaseZyme
and PureZyme

Cleansing with Enzymes – The regimen we’ll be sharing is a two-formula cleanse plus some general wellness support
to maintain a health intestinal system.

We believe both are equally important.

It isn’t enough to just get clean, you need to stay clean and to give your body what it needs to continue operating
at optimal efficiency.

Because this information deals with colon cleansing, it is important to note that if you have any colon challenges
such as IBS, colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc., you should always check with your chosen healthcare professional before
adding anything new to your wellness regimen.

Before we share the information on the products, let us say a few words about detoxing in general. Occasionally,
if you have a serious toxicity, or systemic yeast, a colon cleanse may cause temporary detoxification symptoms such
as fatigue, aches and pains, or headaches. These should pass within a day or so. If not, discontinue use or cut down

Also, no cleanse program will work effectively without sufficient water. However, it’s important to note that it
isn’t just about drinking lots of water but about drinking it all throughout the day, as opposed to drinking a big
glass, morning and evening.

So many common ailments and illnesses can be prevented and possibly even healed with an increased intake of healthy
water. Headaches, hypertension, back pain, arthritis, ulcers, asthma, morning sickness and fatigue can all benefit
and in many cases be prevented by regulating the body’s natural fluid levels.

Recently there has been a dramatic swing in medical theory and a long overdue realization about “healing.” The
best way to prevent, treat and in many cases support healing the illness is to give our body the right tools and let it go to work.
With the proper intake of healthy water, the right minerals and nutrients our body can over come almost anything.
Learn more about how to protect yourself and your family use the knowledge to utilize water as the proverbial fountain
of youth.

We feel it is vital to give the body a day off when cleansing too, so we practice a 6 on-one off approach which,
simply put, means that we take the regimen for six days and then we skip a day, to let our bodies rest. So, write
down what day you begin your cleanse, and remember to take the seventh day off.

And finally, respect that you are undergoing a cleanse and rest as much as you can, more than normal if possible,
eat well, and get the extra sleep your body may need for a while.

The first part of the cleanse involves a product called ReleaseZyme.
We always use any cleanse product at least three weeks for a good cleanse (two-three times a year) and at least three-seven
days for maintenance whenever my system becomes slow.


ReleaseZyme is
formulated with all the nutrients you need to assist yor body in properly removing waste. It also
contains the best high quality plant enzymes to assist these nutrients in doing an excellent job.

The herbs contained in each capsule include: Cascara Sagrada, Psyllium Seed, Ginger, Fennel Seed, Burdock Root,
Senna, and Goldenseal Root.

Combine that with a complex assortment of essential enzymes: Protease, Amylase, Lipase, and Cellulase.

When would you take ReleaseZyme? You would take this Essential Enzyme formula to maintain regularity. So when suffering
from contipation, or to remove parasites and eliminate toxicity from the body. Also fatigue, colds, allergies can
be helped by improving regularity.

Those who wish to lose weight, are obese, or wish to improve liver function can also benefit from taking ReleaseZyme.

The expression “constipation” is derived from the Latin word “constipatus,” which translated
means to press, crowd together, to pack, or cram. Consequently, to be constipated means that the packed accumulation
of feces in the bowel makes its evacuation difficult. Constipation is the number one affliction underlying every
ailment. Two bowel movements per day represents a healthy digestive system.

Good digestion begins when we ingest our food and it is then flushed through the digestive system. DigestZyme,
taken with meals will help prevent digestive complications.

ReleaseZyme is formulated to reduce the discomfort of constipation. Constipation is simply defined as less than
two bowel movements per day.

Toxicity of the bowel is brought on by poorly digested foods that ferment, putrefy and turn rancid in the colon.
This leads to a constant assault on the immune system. Unable to function properly, the large intestine puts an added
burden on the kidneys, lungs, liver and skin.

Component Benefits:

Cascara Sagrada is one of the most valuable remedies for chronic constipation and acts as a stimulant to the whole
digestive system. Cascara Sagrada is one of the most gentle, effective and non-habit forming laxatives available.
Cascara contains the mildest acting of all the A-factors. They produce a soft or formed stool in about six to eight
hours with little or no gripping.

The 1977 Formulary Service of the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Inc. emphasizes the mild action of Cascara
and remarks that the herb does not lose its efficiency with repeated use. The problem with most cathartics is that
increased dosages often become necessary with prolonged use. Cascara does not possess this negative property. Cascara
can correct habitual constipation by restoring intestinal tonus.

Psyllium will assist easy evacuation by increasing water content in the colon causing softer stools. It relieves
irritations during hemorrhoids, colitis, and ulcers.

Ginger Root plays an important role in this formulation because it restores muscle tone and reflex faculty to the
gastrointestinal tract. It is not only important that one use a proper softener, but that one revitalize sick and
flaccid muscles and glands. Ginger Root is also used for every kind of stomach discomfort from nausea to indigestion,
and from simple stomach ache to ulcers.

Fennel Seed was used as a dietary aid as far back as the first century. Fennel is very important in the gastrointestinal
tract to maintain tone and stasis, and to sterilize, stimulate and suppress flatulence caused by dietary changes.
Fennel is used for treating gas, acid stomach, colic and cramps.

Burdock Root is a classic blood purifier and is also a diuretic. It helps cleanse the body toxins and wastes, especially
those that accumulate during illness. Burdock has a restorative effect on the liver and gallbladder. Antibiotic and
anti fungal principles have been discovered in Burdock Root.

Senna Leaf is added to this formulation because of its laxative properties which cleanse the lymphatic system. When
urine is scant, as in a prostate situation, the lymphatic system can be purged so that the fluid which cannot be
expelled through the kidneys can still be eliminated through the bowel. Senna also removes impurities throughout
the whole body.

Golden Seal is specific for all problems of the mucous membranes. Golden Seal is used in this formulation because
of its ability to stop intestinal swelling as well as its antibiotic properties. It helps kill germs living in the
waste which is being removed.

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The second part of the cleanse involves a formula called PureZyme.

Pure therapeutic grade protease, when taken on an empty stomach, has a tremendous “scavenging” effect,
and helps the body release toxins throughout the system. For the cleanse period, I usually take two PureZyme on
an empty stomach, every night. Other benefits of PureZyme included added help in ridding the body of parasites, as
well as scavenging of bacteria from the system. In addition, protease has a wonderful regenerative effect on cells
and tissues.

PureZyme is a blend of proteases which collectively are active within a broad pH range. This makes PureZyme an effective
protease formulation that can survive the gastric environment.

Protease assists in the digestion of protein and increases the production of energy. Protease is also known to act
as a scavenger of oxidized and damaged proteins, is active in helping to eliminate blood toxins, modulate the immune
system, addresses hormonal imbalances, speeds wound and tissue repair, helps to chelate heavy metals and removes
their toxins.

Due to the extensive benefits of the hydrolytic enzyme Protease, we have provided more in-depth background on this
product. For more information please see: Proteases In Enzyme Therapy.

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Each 350 mg capsule of PureZyme provides:

  • Protease, 185,000 HUT
  • Calcium Citrate, 40 mg. (9 mg. Calcium)

Recommended Usage: 3-5 capsules per day on an empty stomach between meals or first thing in the morning and/or before
bed or on advice of health care provider. The formulation is best used on an empty stomach (usually 1 hour before
or 2 hours after eating) in order to optimize the amount of protease absorbed into the blood stream.

Taking PureZyme on an empty stomach is important. Proteases break down (digests) protein. If food is present in
the stomach, the ingested (protease) enzymes will tend to stop in the stomach to digest that food. If the stomach
is empty, the proteases will advance to the blood system where it acts to attack and breakdown protein invaders which
are not part of the natural body. The results of PureZyme have been seen in the blood within ten minutes after ingestion.


Blood Toxins, Slow Tissue Repair, Weakened Immunity, Impaired Kidney Function, Hormonal Imbalances, Heavy Metal
Toxins, Scavenger of Oxidized & Damaged Proteins, Bone Density and Osteoporosis


PureZyme contains protease which can cause a burning sensation if you have any of the following conditions: Gastritis,
Gastric Ulcer, Duodenal Ulcers, Esophageal Ulcers.

GastroZyme may
be used until these conditions are alleviated, then you can proceed to take products containing proteases. There
is no protease in GastroZyme. See the product information on GastroZyme for more information on this formulation.
Component Benefits:


It is known that proteases are able to hydrolyze proteins. Under normal conditions, proteins in their native configuration
are less susceptive to proteolytic attack and thus do not act as substrates (targets) for oral proteases. However,
proteinacious compounds in the blood stream, if denatured and/or modified from their native state, may be subjected
to proteolytic activity. This explains the selective proteolytic attack of the proteases, thus resulting in PureZyme’s
ability to scavenge only “foreign” protenacious matter and debris, while leaving the body’s natural endogenous
protein molecules intact.

The PureZyme formulation contains a mixture of highly active proteases with wide range of pH stability, activity,
and ability to cleave several types of peptide bonds. In fact, the proteases have endopeptidase as well as exopeptidase
(amino and carboxypeptidase) activities. When taken on an empty stomach, oral proteases pass readily into the blood
stream where they bind to alpha 2-macroglobulin. The binding to alpha 2-macroglobulin “hides” the exogenous
protease from the immune system, yet allowing it to maintain its hydrolytic activity and act upon substrates small
enough to come in contact with the protease/alpha 2-macroglobulin complex. In fact, contrary to some belief, alpha
2-macroglobulin is not a protease inhibitor per se.

Some proteases when bound to alpha 2-macroglobulin maintain their catalytic activities, while other proteases do
not. This duality in effect is due to the size of the protease and/or its substrates: large substrates may not be
able to reach the active site of the trapped protease whereas smaller substrates may easily reach within the complex
and be acted upon by the protease. The proven benefits of oral proteases include:

Enhanced digestion of proteins in the GI tract; removal of circulating immune complexes before they cause auto immune
disorder modulation of cytokines; enhanced blood rheology; fibrinolytic and thrombolytic activity without the bleeding
side-effects of other currently used thrombolytic’s; enhanced healing of wounds; scavenging of circulating oxidized
proteins, thus minimizing free radicals cascading effect.

Calcium Citrate:

Buffers the Protease, making it more bio available.

Maintenance Recommendations:

Getting your intestinal tract back in shape and clean is good but better is to keep it that way. Since most of us
have more stress than is healthy and/or eat less than perfectly, I feel it’s good to consider a cleanse 2-3 times
a year and also to take steps on a daily basis to keep our system functioning at an optimal level.

For general health and keeping everything moving, there are two combinations that I suggest to every single person
I counsel, regardless of what is wrong with them, because these two formulas plus the formula for your primary body
type provide everything the body needs to maintain health (provided one getting adequate sleep, dealing effectively
with stress, and doing regular cleanses and detoxes). The two formulas are OxicellZyme and Plantadophilus.

While your cleanse regimen will only last a few weeks, these two formulas should be taken long term and daily, for
maintaining your current level of health and also, for maintaining each new level of health as your body heals and
rebuilds. They are also vital components in any situation where a rapid weight loss diet designed to reduce over 20 pounds is desired.

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